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Welcome to the Diver Webpage Contest. The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges who will take into account your vote count and content when deciding the winner. This contest ends Monday, February 24, 2014. The winning prize is a $50 Gift Certificate. You may vote for as many diver webpages as you want, but only once per webpage. All diver webpages that are 100% complete are automatically entered into this contest. If you don't already have a diver webpage, create one for free to enter the contest. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly among winners. You may only win once.

Congratulations to our last winner Dive Queen who won a $50 gift certificate.

Diver Webpage Contest Entries

rathatdiver scuba diver profile RatHatDiver in New Milford, CT, USA
Firefighter in CT. Been diving since 1981. College of Oceaneering in 1985.
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badabing scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies BadaBing in Civitavecchia, Italy, USA
Love to dive and drive fast cars...what else is there?
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tris scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Tris in New Caney, Texas, USA
I´m from New Caney, and I´m taking my scuba class at college. I´m really excited and I can´t wait to meet new...
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jimmyd scuba diver profile JimmyD in Viera, Florida, USA
Retired Biologist
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orrinsjuice scuba diver profile Orrinsjuice in Austin, Texas, USA
I am a Commercial Diver and a N.A.U.I. Master Diver.
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sea-monkey scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Sea Monkey in pompano beach, fl, USA
Just need my dives for Advanced. Husband working on DiveMaster. Daughter already there! Me....I´m next!!!
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jess scuba diver profile Jess in St. Louis, USA
I love water, which is silly because I am a true fire sign. But being a Leo is all about contradictions....
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himalaya73 scuba diver profile himalaya73 in Medellín, Colombia
Comencé a bucear por curiosidad, hoy día intento convertir esta actividad en la mejor forma de vida.
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whisper scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Whisper in CA, USA
Experienced newish diver. SSI certified. 34, married, financial business professional. Cub scout leader,...
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candy scuba diver profile Candy in Yorba Linda, CA, USA
Love to dive, go to Big Bear & the desert for some solitude.
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harddrive scuba diver profile Harddrive in Newport News, VA, USA
Just trying to live life to the fullest and enjoy it.
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whitney scuba diver profile Whitney in San Diego, USA
In the process of getting certified and I am really excited
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costeno scuba diver profile costeno in Miami, USA
Colombian Naval School, 1963, YMCA diver 1970´s, US Army, Phys. Dis., Retired., 1967, Red Cross Water Safety...
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buzzro scuba diver profile BUZZRO in Glenville, New York, USA
Retired USAF and hold Advanced certification. Boating, diving and playing golf are the reward.
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ted scuba diver profile ted in temecula ca, USA
I have many hobbies.spearfishing. Great cook.I make killer sushi.made $300, bucks 2010 at a party. play...
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jvasconcelos scuba diver profile Jvasconcelos in Mineola, USA
Love the oceans and everything about it!
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katy scuba diver profile Katy in Eugene, OR, USA
Currently working on my certification in OR ... hoping to get into open water diving and underwater...
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skipster-aka-da-tater scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Skipster aka ´Da´ Tater´ in live in The Woodlands, TX, USA
Hi... my name is Skip. I put my nickname as "da´...
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faeriegoddess scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies faeriegoddess in Lakewood, CA, USA
I´m a Middle School Science Teacher in Inglewood, CA. I´m 28 years old, and recently conquered my life-long...
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pinaydiver75 scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Pinaydiver75 in Countryside, Philippines
In the name of simplicity here is all you need to know for now, i´m a mother, a psychology stud.,a diver, and...
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triniwillis scuba diver profile triniwillis in diego martin, Trinidad/Tobago
loves sports and scuba diving.
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jc scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies JC in Missouri, USA
34 years old, police officer, dove for the first time on my honeymoon in 1998 and finally after 10 years and...
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voodoo scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies VooDoo in Humble, TX, USA
I have been in the Army now for thirteen years. I can´t see myself doing anything else except for diving for...
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l scuba diver profile Looking for Love L in Brookline, MA and Ambergris Caye, Belize, USA
I live in Brookline, MA, but I also have a beach...
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scuba-stew scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Scuba Stew in Orange County, CA, USA
Newly certified diver looking to share my experiences and find others to share their experiences with me.
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scuba-bond-tackleberry scuba diver profile SCUBA, Bond, Tackleberry in Bromsgrove, Netherlands
I´m a 31 year old guy from the UK but live in the...
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tilly scuba diver profile Tilly in Eugene, OR, USA
So, 26 years ago I used to dive but gave it up. Now I have sons of my own and my 16 yo wants to dive... so...
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stingray scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies stingray in Torrance, USA
Master´s student at CSULB majoring in marine bio
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seashelly scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Sea_shelly in Ellington, CT 06029, USA
Was recently certified as a PADI advanced diver. Went to Bonaire last September with some great people!Did my...
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bill425neorrcom scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies in Ravenna,Ohio, USA
Anything you want to know just ask.
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rodusa scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies rodusa in Anaheim, CA or Peru and Brazil, USA
My Wife Sonia and I (Rod). we love to dive at new places, warm or cold water
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aaronw scuba diver profile AaronW in Dallas, USA
I am working on my associates in art and then I plan on joining the Navy.
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cbrxx scuba diver profile CBRXX in New York, USA
Married with 2 kids.
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lord-shredder scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Lord Shredder in Los Angeles, USA
Senior in high school.
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double-r scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Double R in Bentonville, AR, USA
Love anything outdoors
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Showing 176-210 out of 486 webpage contest entries. View all diver webpages.
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Recent Dive Slate Comments

  • Em....I want to encourage you to get certified....a wonderful underwater world awaits you. Good Luck!
    Dive Queen on 5/31/2013
  • I havent gotten certified yet but im working on it!
    Em on 5/31/2013
  • Thanks Reef taking pics!
    Dive Queen on 5/14/2013
  • yes quite often, there are more scuba divers here then you know, Tahoe is really neat and there is a lot to see.
    zorro57 on 4/23/2013
  • Looking 4 dive buddies.
    tattoosteve on 4/5/2013
  • Lets get together.
    tattoosteve on 4/5/2013
  • if anyone wants to get in touch with me please feel free to contact me at
    Promete on 2/26/2013
  • Nice Shark
    Sheila kay on 2/22/2013

Recent Diver Photos

Mantas flying in formation
Mantas flying in formation by Shaka

Baja sunset
Baja sunset by Shaka

Roca Pardita, Baja
Roca Pardita, Baja by Shaka

Isle Mujeres whale shark
Isle Mujeres whale shark by Shaka

Manta in mid loop-de-loop
Manta in mid loop-de-loop by Shaka

Isle Mujeres manta
Isle Mujeres manta by Shaka

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