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Welcome to the Scuba.com Diver Webpage Contest. The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges who will take into account your vote count and content when deciding the winner. This contest ends Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The winning prize is a $50 Scuba.com Gift Certificate. You may vote for as many diver webpages as you want, but only once per webpage. All diver webpages that are 100% complete are automatically entered into this contest. If you don't already have a diver webpage, create one for free to enter the contest. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly among winners. You may only win once.

Congratulations to our last winner Tracy Saunders who won a $50 Scuba.com gift certificate.

Diver Webpage Contest Entries

egor scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Egor in Whittier, USA
Hey my name is Eggar I am 19 years old and I am a new diver, I have not had the pleasure to dive here in...
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scuba-chem scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Scuba-Chem in Riverside, USA
Went Scuba diving 1 time summer 2011. Had to get certified and dive more...
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sebcel scuba diver profile Sebcel in Terrebonne, Canada
38 year old men, love diving and camping,looking to find some great stuff
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maty scuba diver profile Maty in Kosice, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Right now working in Afghanistan, like support for ISAF.
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leo scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Leo in Whitefish, Mt., USA
62 years young, retired from the railroad. An avid swimmer, swam competitively all my life, and currently...
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digia scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies DiGia in Lugano - Swiss, Switzerland
First diving experiences, total 26 diving2011 Manado / 2012 Raja Ampat / Next diving november 2012 Ahe Island...
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learnscubapaul scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies LearnScuba_Paul in New York, New York, USA
Padi instructor, divemaster and owner of Learn Scuba With Paul
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seth scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Seth in Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Just started diving and looking for people to go with my wife and me.
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billiam scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Billiam in Tuscaloosa, USA
Just a middle aged guy who´s tired of being on dry land.
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intrexgrp scuba diver profile intrexgrp in Courtright, Canada
My wife & I took up Scuba diving 2 years ago. It was a lifelong ambition. We love it. we have a 36" boat on...
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lib scuba diver profile Lib in Columbus, USA
I am on a swift water rescue and dive team.
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paddypadidivemaster scuba diver profile PaddyPADIDivemaster in Toronto, Canada
I´m a PADI Divemaster living in Toronto, ON
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coppertane scuba diver profile Coppertane in Singapore, Singapore
Diving since 2001
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grasshopper scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies grasshopper in Tamuning, Guam, USA
Born and raised in Cleveland and now living in Guam. Lived in japan for 5 years then 10 years in Hawaii....
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olsi18 scuba diver profile olsi18 in Moskov, США
Classic Dive
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scuba-man scuba diver profile Scuba man in North Conway, NH, USA
my first dive equipment in 1962 was the original aqualung with the double hose. my mask fins, speargun, tank,...
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redwood scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Redwood in Richmond, IL, USA
I have been diving since 1996 but most of my dives have been in the last few years. I am an advanced open...
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jdmdingo scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies JDMDingo in Mashiki, Okinawa, Japan
I love living on this tropical island
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djwdoc scuba diver profile djwdoc in somewhere, USA
I live to be an air caddy
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habanero-steve scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies HABANERO STEVE in PALM BAY FLORIDA, USA
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gomer scuba diver profile gomer in douglas county, USA
im 20 years old soon to be married lookin at buying a small farm in alabama. i work for douglas county water...
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scubadave70 scuba diver profile scubadave70 in Cincinnati, USA
Love the water, of course
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art scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Art in Caracas, Venezuela
DIving since 89. Looking to get into the Tec world.
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robinym scuba diver profile Robinym in Penang, Malaysia
Leisure Fun Diver & outdoor and nature fanatic
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skuly scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Skuly in Bangkok,Thailand. Living in, Hong Kong
I´m a sailor, just started to explore things under surface for a little while ago and I fall in love with...
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scubamedicjoe scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies scubamedicjoe in Carthage Nc USA, USA
In general hard working guy who loves the out doors on land and below water. Love wreck diving and Sharks ...
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kara scuba diver profile Kara in Morehead City, NC, USA
I live in morehead city, nc. The perfect place to live to go diving often!
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dpax56 scuba diver profile dpax56 in oakville ontario, Canada
I have been diving for more than 30yrs. Am as excited before a first dive now as I was then.
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amyzengrace scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Amyzengrace in wherever I am/, Jordan
I´ve been living and working in Amman,Jordan for the past 8 years, occasionally making it down to Aqaba to...
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lori scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies lori in Palmerston, Canada
My Husband and I were certified in 08 and haven´t looked back !! We are really loving the sport and all the...
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jon-tatum scuba diver profile Jon Tatum in Oak Island NC, USA
41 years old. A mate on the dive boat Scuba South II running charters out of Southport, NC. E-mail me about...
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diver-steve scuba diver profile Diver Steve in Franklin, TN, USA
i´m a pretty laid back guy that simply loves to be outdoors. of couse the water is my first love, but...
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spanky scuba diver profile Spanky in E Bridgewater ma, USA
Been diving since 87´ but just getting back into it
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shadowghost scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies ShadowGhost in Hillsboro, USA
I am a relatively new diver. I was certified when I was 15 but have not had the money to dive as often as I...
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jb6141 scuba diver profile jb6141 in San Antonio, USA
Married father of 2. Diving with kids as family activity - mom still a bit nervous about "breathing...
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Showing 106-140 out of 493 webpage contest entries. View all diver webpages.
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Recent Dive Slate Comments

  • Thank you!
    Dive Time on 1/17/2014
  • Hi Angela! Sorry it took so long to reply, but Ive been tied up on a project site and didnt get to check my main email box that I use sparingly. My Yahoo addy acct is...
    outtosea2 on 1/9/2014
  • Hi Frank, My name is Angela. I have been to a few cities on the gulf side and did enjoy the weather. Last spring I went to the Ponte Vedra area on the east coast. The...
    BlueEyes630 on 12/3/2013
  • Hey BlueEyes - good to hear back from you. Sorry I didnt reply back sooner - been a bit busy these past few weeks getting an apt ready for a rental for a nice couple...
    outtosea2 on 11/22/2013
  • Sorry for my long absence from this forum.Its always great to see that people are enjoying the bountiful experiences that await just offshore. Lookin fwd to a...
    Capt B on 11/10/2013
  • Hey outtosea2,I replied on my webpage but it occurred to me that I would probably need to reply on your webpage. Would love to hear more about your area of Florida and...
    BlueEyes630 on 11/6/2013
  • Hi Outtosea2, I am really open to all coastal areas. Am living in Plainfield, IL. Looking for advice or additional information. Ready for a big change. Any advice? Thank...
    BlueEyes630 on 10/13/2013
  • So where are you living mow and why relocate to NC? Ever consider FL the Dive Capital of the USA?
    outtosea2 on 10/12/2013

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by M_Feebious

by M_Feebious

by M_Feebious

Bearded Toad
Bearded Toad by divingjohnnyc

Lion Fish
Lion Fish by divingjohnnyc

Three Band Anemone
Three Band Anemone by divingjohnnyc

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