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This contest ends Sunday, March 13, 2016. The winning prize is a $50 Scuba.com Gift Certificate. You may vote for as many diver webpages as you want, but only once per webpage. All diver webpages that are 100% complete are automatically entered into this contest. If you don't already have a diver webpage, create one for free to enter the contest.

Congratulations to our last winner RAWalker who won a $50 Scuba.com gift certificate.

Diver Webpage Contest Entries

sensei scuba diver profile Sensei in New Franklin, Manchester, OH, USA
jimdiver scuba diver profile jimdiver in Malta, Philippines
michaelrdyer scuba diver profile michaelrdyer in Las Vegas, USA
diverrob scuba diver profile diverrob in Boca Raton, FL, USA
captaindave scuba diver profile CaptainDave in Muscat, Oman
ryan-mac scuba diver profile Ryan Mac in Commerce, MI, Japan
shaka scuba diver profile Shaka in Newcastle, Wa, USA
drb scuba diver profile drb in COLFAX, CA., USA
nlq scuba diver profile NLQ in Budapest, Hungary
bookie scuba diver profile Bookie in Pittsburgh, USA
amd scuba diver profile AMD in Northern Cal, USA
blueeyes630 scuba diver profile BlueEyes630 in Custer Park, IL, USA
tenacious scuba diver profile tenacious in illville, USA
kev scuba diver profile Kev in Cleveland/ live in Reno, USA
dive-time scuba diver profile Dive Time in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
scubabe scuba diver profile scubabe in lake park, USA
liuqin scuba diver profile liuqin in shanghai, China
fez scuba diver profile Fez in Flows with Current, USA
luaidiver scuba diver profile luai.diver in Sudahn - Khartoum, Saudi Arabia
regge scuba diver profile Regge in Montreal, Canada
cnesleyattnet scuba diver profile c.nesley@att.net in toms river, USA
cliffdiver scuba diver profile cliffdiver in port washington, USA
terry-k scuba diver profile Terry K in Lemon Grove, USA
antarcticadive scuba diver profile Antarcticadive in New Orleans, USA
sad-brad scuba diver profile Sad Brad in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
jolly-roger scuba diver profile Jolly Roger in Ocean City, USA
dad-van scuba diver profile Dad van in Entebbe, Uganda
doctorpimp scuba diver profile doctorpimp in Mississauga, ON, Canada
gsm2 scuba diver profile GSM2 in Sumter, SC, USA
sea-dawg scuba diver profile Sea Dawg in Somewhere in the mountains of northern Idaho, USA
zorro57 scuba diver profile zorro57 in Sparks, Nevada, USA
joeonthewind scuba diver profile JoeOnTheWind in Birmingham, AL, USA
payam scuba diver profile PAYAM in ANTALYA, Turkey
psychocabbage scuba diver profile psychocabbage in Houston, USA
melrockson scuba diver profile Melrockson in Perth, WA, Australia

Recent Dive Slate Comments

Welcome to the Dive Slates!
whoelsebutbob on 11/5/2014
Great pics!
whoelsebutbob on 11/5/2014
Happy Halloween everybody!
whoelsebutbob on 10/30/2014
If its not a problem like my page (Dive
Sharkhunter on 10/9/2014
Hi Frank, its Angela again. Just finished up with a new school certification and am planning on coming down to the Naples, FL area the 2nd week of October. Let me know...
BlueEyes630 on 9/12/2014
Its saying theres not enough disk space, so not sure what to do.
Brian90X on 8/13/2014
Will upload photos from Gilboa Quarry soon.
Brian90X on 8/9/2014
I just got back from Belize will upload photos soon.Happy Diving Everyone.
SCUBA_Fish on 5/22/2014

Showing 36-70 out of 499 webpage contest entries. View all diver webpages.

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