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This contest ends Thursday, September 24, 2015. The winning prize is a $50 Scuba.com Gift Certificate. You may vote for as many diver webpages as you want, but only once per webpage. All diver webpages that are 100% complete are automatically entered into this contest. If you don't already have a diver webpage, create one for free to enter the contest.

Congratulations to our last winner RAWalker who won a $50 Scuba.com gift certificate.

Diver Webpage Contest Entries

bullfrog scuba diver profile Bullfrog in Whittier California, USA
juli scuba diver profile Juli in Stafford, VA, USA
nz-steve scuba diver profile nz steve in Auckland, New Zealand
mgendy scuba diver profile mgendy in San Jose, USA
darmok scuba diver profile Darmok in Austin, TX, USA
sal scuba diver profile SAL in Belmount, Grenada
scubajack scuba diver profile Scubajack in Sidney, USA
scubadoughs scuba diver profile ScubaDoughs in San Antonio, TX, USA
rj scuba diver profile RJ in New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
martian-beer-pig scuba diver profile Martian Beer Pig in Melbourne, Australia
bt scuba diver profile BT in Orange County, California, USA
dive-canuck scuba diver profile Dive Canuck in Seattle, USA
tom-klusman scuba diver profile Tom Klusman in Goshen, Ky, USA
doc-phun scuba diver profile Doc Phun in Isle, Minnesota (On the tropical shores of Lake Mille Lacs), USA
underwater-nomad scuba diver profile Underwater Nomad in Langley, Canada
the-bald-one scuba diver profile The Bald One in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA
bcfighter scuba diver profile BCFighter in Alabama, USA
dazza scuba diver profile Dazza in Port Hedland, Australia
snappy scuba diver profile Snappy in Vista, USA
pj scuba diver profile PJ in Safety Harbor, FL, USA
prytzen scuba diver profile Prytzen in Schaumburg, USA
mike-dirnberger scuba diver profile Mike Dirnberger in Columbus, OH, USA
big-tuna scuba diver profile Big Tuna in simpsonville,sc, usa
bubble-maker scuba diver profile Bubble Maker in De Queen, Ark, USA
deon scuba diver profile Deon in Hiawatha, USA
patty-b scuba diver profile Patty B in Killeen, Texas, USA
kat scuba diver profile kat in Montreal, Canada
playascuba scuba diver profile playascuba in Playa del Carmen,Yucatan, Mexico
vince scuba diver profile Vince in California, USA
spanish-mackerel scuba diver profile Spanish Mackerel in Mebane NC., USA
deepdiver scuba diver profile deepdiver in brentwood long island, usa
jp scuba diver profile JP in CORK ,, IRELAND
frogger scuba diver profile frogger in camden Tn., USA
casey-waldorf scuba diver profile Casey Waldorf a.k.a. (Flipper) in Lordstown,OH., USA
kp scuba diver profile KP in God´s Country, Ky, USA

Recent Dive Slate Comments

Welcome to the Dive Slates! Love the pictures! Please feel free to let us know if we can answer any questions or help in any way!
whoelsebutbob on 4/7/2012
Hello,,,Im Lee.Im looking for a girl diver to tske over for me.I have a sweetheart of a dive buddy,,,but the way things are going,,,I may have to give up diveing.I need...
Lee on 3/25/2012
My sweetheart Dawn needs a new dive buddy.I may have to give up diveing.Can you help me???????My E-Mail is moray092@yahoo.com
Lee on 3/25/2012
great sea horse. my passion photography above and below the surface. i wish my status was ´´gone diving´´ but i just got back and duty calls for now.
submerged texan on 3/19/2012
hi vicki, sounds like you are getting the dive fever that we all live with. nickelback gets me moving every day. three boys how do you find the time. i have one daughter...
submerged texan on 3/19/2012
hi mimi, lets go to little cayman. i absolutely love that place. i havent been to brac yet. i recently (2 years ago) bought underwater photo equipment and really want to...
submerged texan on 3/19/2012
we have diving and nickleback in common. definately psych me up music. i dive warm waters. being from texas i cant stand the cold, much less any water below 70. i like...
submerged texan on 3/19/2012
hi, looks like we have other things in common besides diving. photography, forest gump,animals, environmentist.
submerged texan on 3/19/2012

Showing 456-490 out of 495 webpage contest entries. View all diver webpages.

Recent Diver Photos

Baja sunset Baja sunset by Shaka
Roca Pardita, Baja Roca Pardita, Baja by Shaka
Isle Mujeres whale shark Isle Mujeres whale shark by Shaka
Manta in mid loop-de-loop Manta in mid loop-de-loop by Shaka
Isle Mujeres manta Isle Mujeres manta by Shaka
Eye contact Eye contact by Shaka
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