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Dive Locations Listing

Kona, Hawaii (View on map)
Went in February. Highlight was seeing about 100 spinner dolphins o a dive. Jacks Diving Locker was the outfit I dove with, good people, nice boats.

Cozumel (View on map)
First week of July...some of the easiest diving Ive done. Only one dive really seemed like a drift dive. Saw a group of nurse sharks swimming, huge grouper, and eels. Dived with Liquid Blue Divers...a little more expensive than others, but great service and nice people.

Grand Cayman (View on map)
Saw reef shark by a pier on the east end of island ...while snorkeling. Wall dives and lots of clear water on east end. Ocean Frontiers was the dive shop...nice boats, great crew, great time.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico (View on map)
Pretty nice diving in the Riviera Maya. Some currents, but not strong. Clear water along the 2nd largest reef in the world. Dive in Puerto Morelos was the dive shop right by the water. Guy from the US owns the shop....easy to work with.

Aruba (View on map)
Choppy waters. Drift diving. Saw lots of different eels. Dive with Clive was my dive man show...pretty wild...hes in no hurry and you use all of your air.

St Croix, VI (View on map)
Great diving. Calm water on the west side......choppy on the east. Lots of fish to see at the "Swirling Reef of Death" dive site. N2the Blue is great dive shop located right by the pier in Frederiksted. Have done most of my diving in St. Croix. First shore dive on my own (with wife and friend) of the pier. Night dive of pier is also a must.


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