Jdoolittle's Dive Locations

Here is a map of Jdoolittle's dive locations. Click on the pin-points to read diving notes.

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Dive Locations Listing

Lake Michigan - Shipwrecks off Burnham Harbor (View on map)
No notes

Lake MI - Mackinaw Straights (View on map)
No notes

Lake Huron - Mackinaw Straights (View on map)
No notes

Whitefish Point MI (View on map)
No notes

Mermet IL (View on map)
No notes

Gilboa Quarry (View on map)
No notes

Grand Cayman (View on map)
No notes

Cozumel MX (View on map)
No notes

Key West, FL (View on map)
No notes

Lake 16 (View on map)
Training Lake...spring fed


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