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Dive Locations Listing

Santa Barbara Island (View on map)
Pristine area with large numbers of bugs and Sea Lions

Avalon Bay (View on map)
Numerous dives as safety diver for clubs NAUI instructor

San Miguel Island (View on map)
Great clear water yielding a 27 lb halibut with a pole spear

Kauai, Hawaii (View on map)
Numerous beach dives around to island to include Kee Beach, near Princeville and Poipu

Molokini, Hawaii (View on map)
Beautiful dive site but generally too crowded.

Molokai Southern Reef (View on map)
Dives on Molokais beautiful south shore reef (the longest in Hawaii)

Competition Dives (View on map)
Numerous dives from Santa Cruz to San Diego while competing in 6 California State Police Olympics

Vung Tau, Vietnam (View on map)
Diving in South China Sea while on in-country R&R

Near Rancho Leonero, Baja (View on map)
Diving with the sea lions near the reef.

Near Huntsville, Texas (View on map)
Blue Hole test dive with new camera equipment.

Vicinity of Sidney (View on map)
Dives near Sidney during R&R from Vietnam

Beqa Island, Fiji (View on map)
Many day and night dives in Beqa, Lagoon. Great video of sea snake, shark, octopus and much more!

Aruba (View on map)
Largest Moray eel I have ever seen. Over 6 long, living under part of old shipwreck.

Several Dives near Nassau (View on map)
Great warm water diving

Prospect Lake (View on map)
A number of dives in Prospect Lake trying out new gear on the market, without prior certification. REALY STUPID!!

Near Kerrville, Texas (View on map)
Numerous evidence search and recovery dives for Texas Rangers murder investigation. In stock ponds near Kerrville

Waikiki Reef (View on map)
Reef dives near Waikiki on R&R from Vietnam

Florida Fresh Water Springs (View on map)
Numerous dives in Ginnie Springs, Rainbow Springs, the Rainbow River, Blue Springs etc., etc.

Fort Pulaski National Monument (View on map)
Numerous successful artifact recovery dives in the moat which surrounds the fort.

Santa Rosa Island (View on map)
Great Spear Fishing for Sheepshead and Lingcod

Santa Cruz Island (View on map)
Great Pacific Rock Scollops

Anacapa Island (View on map)
Great abalone dives


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