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Whitkim - CFB Borden Canada 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I currently joined the Canadian Military in the Navy as a Steward. Pretty much my trade is a jack of all trades. We specialize in accounting, bartending, food service, and much much more. Other than my life and career my other love is scuba diving. I get out every chance I get and always looking for the best new dive sites. I am really big into the wreck diving and I would love once to be able to find some unclaimed treasure. My career takes me all over the world getting to explore many exotic and remote locations.
Favorite Dive Gear
Mares, Poseidon, and Zeagle
Favorite Dive Locations
Tobermory, ON Wiarton, ON
Scuba Diving, Hiking, Travelling, Swimming
Reading, Music, Movies, Dance, Workouts
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
Two And A Half Men
Favorite Movies
Into The Blue
Favorite Books
Agatha Christie, Dive Training Magazine, Scuba Diver Magazine
Favorite Quotes
"Never give up on something you can´t go a day without thinking about"

Whitkim's Dive Slate

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HiSorry Just saw that you wrote on my slate like wayback in june, I am now posted to 1 Cdn Fd Hospital in Petawawa, so if you are ever in that neck of the woods, send me an email.Kevin
Written by DIVEGUY on 10/26/2009
I noticed That no-one has writen any comments To your lostings... Well I thought I would drop you a message! I live in Mesa, AZ. Very little water out here, Don´t Get me wrong there is a few water holes out here. In fact one of my Favorate is the SALT RIVER... its realy not a river its the over flow from one of the manmade lakes here in AZ. And yes some of thease canyons are fairly deep giving you 30 or 35 foot holes of water. Get back on your winner tube, flost down stream thrue the rapids and get back on your tube and drop off onto the next hole. Its amazing... all the kids ride the salt river. (you can find it on the internet) Although I don´t think to meny other people scube dive it! You can find a ton of things thet the kids drop off in the rappids then it gets washed down streem into the next deep water hole... But some times the water is fairly SWIFT! I have found several camars (one really cood Dive camara) Watches, rings even a weber grill.. no hotdogs though!Well I hope you enjoy Scube diveing... Although You have some cold weather comming your way soon.Me.. I live in Sunny Mesa, AZ. My winters are useualy around 70 degrees... my summers are often higher than 115.. but the water keeps you cool!Have a grate day and E-Mail me if you have a chance! Bob
Written by miahdog2 on 10/5/2009

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