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Fire House Cavern
Fire House Cavern

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Wells - Aiea, HI USA 

About Me:  Not much to say, i´m easy going and always try to make the best out of a situation. Try to stay in shape by running and swimming because you never know when you might need that edge. Always up for an adventure in between Navy life and the downtime until I go back.
Looking for Dive Buddies
Favorite Dive Gear
I only have my own shortie wetsuit, fins, boots, and mask/snorkel. But I am actively looking for my own gear. Stuck on either a mask with hud display or a Atom 2.0 watch with possible a full mask w/comm for my dive partners.
Favorite Dive Locations
Only dived at three tables, firehouse, sharks cove, and a few spots in Haleiwa. The trench as well but didn´t have the new spotlight i got now.
running, hiking, scuba diving of course, snorkling, and swimming long distance.
Reading and just learning more about the unknown.
Favorite Music
Everything from Country to Rap to R&B and back to Classical.
Favorite TV Shows
I am a huge fan of Stargate both SG-1 and Atlantis. Enjoyed the Firefly series and going back in time SeaQuest and mostly all those old good action TV shows.
Favorite Movies
I can´t possibly name them all, it would be an injustice to those I can not recall.
Favorite Books
I enjoy all Dan Brown books and action based Stephen Coonts.
Favorite Quotes
Their is no right, Their is no wrong, their is only popular opinion.

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Fire House Cavern
Fire House Cavern

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