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Water Boy - San Francisco/San Jose, Ca USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Like to Scuba Dive In Clean Fresh Water a lot. Diving from 1974 to today 2009. Certified 1980.I will keep my gear fresh too!
Favorite Dive Gear
two tanks?? old scuba pro is good. can´t afford anything else. except the good old stuff! have some healthways stuff that has been d! i am looking cool now!
Favorite Dive Locations
Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Pacifica, California, North Mendocino, Shelter Cove, California. Donner Lake
Scuba Dive, Monster Trucks, Movies.
Computers travel. Boats
Favorite Music
All kinds of music, sorry not RAP! Elton Jon, Sade,Repbulic One, Many more!!
Favorite TV Shows
Friends, MTV is great.
Favorite Movies
Thomas Crown Affair
Favorite Books
East of Eaden.
Favorite Quotes
End of Story, Cool, talk to the hand, Hello! Many more!

Water Boy's Dive Slate

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Huh? To quote Gary Coleman, ´´Whatchu talkin´bout Willis? (Not sure, you got somehings on your desk that would give you a headack!)
Written by Tracy Saunders on 12/22/2009
Yes Salt point is another place to dive very nice.Have not been there for years!!
Written by Water Boy on 12/21/2009
Ever Check out Salt Point Near Santa Rosa?
Written by Tracy Saunders on 12/21/2009
Donner Lake?? Isn´t that pretty cold? I was there Skiing On labor day in ´95, and it was freezing. Course didn´t have a wetsuit then. Or is that one more suited for a Dry Suit?
Written by Tracy Saunders on 12/21/2009

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