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wannabeozzie - Calgary, AM Canada 

About Me:  I started diving about a year ago while working on a dive boat in Australia. I now just completed my PADI Rescue diver course and am looking forward to doing some more underwater exploring here in Alberta.. One problem.. none of my friends here dive!! Anyone interested in going?? Im pretty much up for going any time!
Looking for Dive Buddies
Favorite Dive Gear
I gotta say... the lack of gear, as in, it being TOO HOT to wear even a wetsuit in OZ was pretty awesome!
Favorite Dive Locations
I havn´t been diving in that many locations yet, but by far the coolest dive was a wreck dive on the SS Yongala in Australia
Im pretty outdoorsy... camping, hiking, boating, and obviously, diving... I enjoy all those great things
Diving has really been my main interest since I discovered how awesome it is! One day it might be nice to get my DI cert.
Favorite Books
Anything by Jodi Picoult! She´s great.
Favorite Quotes
Its more like the best advice I´ve ever recieved.. "Take advantage of every opportunity". It applies to just about everything and you very rarely have regrets from following this.

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