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My Status: Finished my Rescue Course!

Tyut2 - Spring Valley Lake, Ca USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  About 2 years ago I faced my fear of deep water and got scuba certified. Been hooked ever sense.
Favorite Dive Gear
Used to love my i3 Aqua Lung BC, but now I am having second thoughts. May move to a tec.
Favorite Dive Locations
Well, I have only dove SoCal... So I would have to say Catalina (Dive Park) is my favorite for now.
SCUBA!! Oh, and... well... just scuba.
Do I really need to say... I do love commercial aircraft. Guess that is why I work in the business.
Favorite Music
Rock (Volbeat is my favorite).
Favorite TV Shows
Don´t really have a favorite.
Favorite Movies
Gladiator, Independence Day, etc.
Favorite Books
Battlefield Earth, State of Fear, World War Z.
Favorite Quotes
Life is only as complicated as you make it.
My Dive Bag
i3 Aqua Lung BC (View product)
Atomic, B2 Scuba Regulator (View product)

Tyut2's Dive Slate

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Yes he is a good guy. Where did you go night diving at?And yes, I do have a FB account. You can find me by Mike Gillespy. My profile pic is me diving holding on to a descent line.
Written by Tyut2 on 9/9/2011
I went with my rescue instructors and Dom night diving a few weeks back. Dom was doing a night specialty... nice guy! it wont let me post anymore, sorry. Do you have facebook?
Written by Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) on 9/8/2011
Not sure why I cant ever post... keeps giving me an error. Ill try breaking it up into small responses again.
Written by Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) on 9/8/2011
Nice to meet you as well. I hear there are more divers up here. It would be great to meet more of us. And thanks! Dom Struz is my instructor out of Mira Loma SC. Had my first pool dive last night and Im a bit sore... Havent decided on my DM yet.Keep me in mind when you want to go diving, lobster season is fast approaching!
Written by Tyut2 on 9/8/2011
Congrats on working on your rescue class! I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the Divemaster program maybe in November. Who is your instructor?
Written by Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) on 9/8/2011
Having a hard time posting. Nice to meet a local diver! Ive been to one of the club meetings with Jeff Scott.
Written by Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) on 9/8/2011
Written by Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) on 9/8/2011

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