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tobi1kanoby - TA Israel 

About Me:  Staff Instructor, Biologist & Ecologist,Amature Underwater Photographer & Videographer
Favorite Dive Gear
Anything that works
Favorite Dive Locations
Galapagos Islands- for Hammerhead Sharks, Hin Daeng- Thailand- Manta Rays and Whale Sahrks,Blue Hole- Dahab, Red Sea- not as good as it used to be, but reef structure, water clarity , colors, creatures- its all there...
Diving......Free diving, photography,Bird Watching,hikking,
Scuba Diving, treking and Hikking, and anything that gets me close to nature
Favorite Music
Classic Rock: Led Zeppelin, Doors, Canned Heat, Clapton, Young, Reggae: King Tubby, Toots and Maytals, Dub: Dub Incorporation, Lee PerryBlues: Muddy Waters, BB King, Albert King, Koko Tyler, Nina Simon
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Movies
The Blues Brothers,Seven,The Big Lebowsky
Favorite Books
Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy
Favorite Quotes
I have a great memory, unfortunatly it doesnt last very long

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Hi,Newbie! Greetings from overseas, I am inviting you´ll to come down and see the first city in America, Santa Marta at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and the fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, let me know the dates of your stay here toset you up and show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 4/3/2010

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undwerwater E.T Remake

E.T GONE WILD undwerwater E.T Remake
Leopard Shark
Leopard Shark
Banded Sea Snake
Banded Sea Snake
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Hawkbills Turtle

Hawkbills Turtle
Giant Moray Eel

Giant Moray Eel
Swim Through- Thailand
Swim Through- Thailand

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Recreating E.T Underawater- Take off! Recreating E.T Underawater- Take off!
Recreating E.T Underawater- Take off! Recreating E.T Underawater- Take off!
Recreating E.T Underawater- Dock Scene Recreating E.T Underawater- Dock Scene
Tags: awesome
Whale Shark Whale Shark
Tags: shark

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