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My Status: my names logan looking for a dive buddy/buddys

thatkidwhoscubadives - lisbond falls USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  names logan lunn and im 14
Favorite Dive Gear
just starting so not shure
Favorite Dive Locations
again just starting so idk
lacrosse and diving
diving lax guns
Favorite Music
five finger death punch linkin park and skrillex
Favorite TV Shows
american dad famly guy and during the day spongebob
Favorite Movies
tears of the sun surviving the cut the hurt looker and full metal jacket
Favorite Books
Favorite Quotes
life is a lesson you learn it when your through

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ok thank you have you ever gone to hinds
Written by thatkidwhoscubadives on 7/11/2012
im not suhre yet but im thinking of cleaning up a local park and biulding new picknic tables but againg not onehundred present shure
Written by thatkidwhoscubadives on 7/11/2012
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Thats a great idea. Most of my troop did these types of projects for there Eagle. Something to think about is how to get funding for any type of project. Cant do fundraisers, but you can ask local businesses to donate either supplies or funds. Just keep a track of everything and send them a thank you letter including pictures. They really like to see the finally project. Good Luck
Written by Matthew Cathell on 7/11/2012
Hey. Is great that young people are still very active in Scout. Scouting made me who I am today and has futher helped joining the sevice(Navy). As you may know, earnig Eagle Scoout isnt easy. It took my 2yrs and 4 projects to earn Eagle Scout. My final project was building a single story storage building for American Red Cross for emergency supplies. I learned that inorder to earn something you dream of, like earning Eagle, dont give up. The reward at the end worth all the trouble you went through. I hope this has helped you a little bit and hope you continue towards your Eagle. Whats your plan for your project?
Written by Matthew Cathell on 7/9/2012

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