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taylorxnicolee - Haltom city, Texas USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I´m Taylor, im 15 and currently a sophmore in high school. i have cutrently never been scuba diving but it is my dream. i have a great love for fish and the ocean. i plan, well hope, to go to uc- santa barbara to get my doctorate in marine biology. i wanna specify in the coral reefs and find new ways to better preserve and restore the current conditions of the reefs. i love fish so much and hope to spend the reat of my life surrounding myself around them in the beautiful underwater world.
Favorite Dive Gear
im not sure yet..but im working on finding out
Favorite Dive Locations
well i cant tell you until i have the chance to reach my dreams.
school, dance, cheer, swiming, theatre, golf, president of the latin club at my school, in the national honor society
i love science like alot, the ocean, fish, sports, documentaroes, watching movies, poetry, texting, the zoo, traveling, music, the outdoors, and going on adventures. (:
Favorite Music
i pretty much love everything
Favorite TV Shows
ghost whisperer, 30 rock, planet earth, any documentary, explore, the office, icarly, get out, family guy and many many more
Favorite Movies
oh wow i have way too many!
Favorite Books
Saving lily, nims island, Rebecca, harry poyter, the anthropology of turquoise, story of a girl, the secret life of bees, same kiknd of different as me, and more.i like to read. (:
Favorite Quotes
“for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”- audrey hepburn"your talent is god´s gift to you. what you do with it is your gift back to god." ~leo buscaglia

taylorxnicolee's Dive Slate

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All the best to You Taylor, Will You luck and success In whatever You do :)
Written by Orca on 6/13/2014
Do you want to e-mail me at and can we be boy friend and girl friend?
Written by mattkamper on 5/17/2010
There are a lot of different things you need to know, such as everyone knows is no-deco, clearing mask, regulator retreival... and you asked if it is expensive, for myself it really isnt expensive
Written by blizzardscout on 4/15/2010
Keep in touch, you hear
Written by costeno on 4/5/2010
Hi Taylor don´t give up follow your star, I tell you. It is the best thing in life, I mean diving even though skin diving is a much better ´cause you can do it all day long and since everything is in the first 30 feet deep, most of all the fishes are found at this depth, you don;t need expensive equipment, but security first and never go along and I mean never. That´s a beautiful field, your goal is. And restoring reefs is awesome, take a look at one of my sites, it is in spanish // it is great to do that, if you or your friends and family would like to dive in the Caribbean, you´ll are welcome to come to Cartagena, a fortress build against pirates and Santa Marta, the first city build in the American´s continent. You can dive along these areas also Bye and have fun doing it
Written by costeno on 4/5/2010
If you are having trouble finding an instructor in your local area just check out the Scuba Resources page on the Scuba com site. Under the ´´Find a Scuba Diving Instructor´´ section you will find several really good instructor locators.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/5/2010
Depending where you live, I can recommend a couple of shops in the area for lessons:Lone Star Scuba II, DallasGrapevine Scuba, GrapevineFor your equipment
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/3/2010
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mkay, i will definately check into those! is it relatively expencive?
Written by taylorxnicolee on 3/4/2010
Taylor - I´m not familiar with Dive Shops in your area (I live in California). If you know any Scuba Divers in that Texas area, I would talk to them and get there suggestions. You can also look up the dive shops here on and look for some close to you. I believee you can get there by using the ´´Scuba Resources´´ link at the top of this page. PADI certification I understand is taken almost anywhere - so I would look for a place that offers that, IMO. Good luck.
Written by Tracy Saunders on 3/3/2010
Hey Taylor... I´d suggest talking to your local Scuba Shop, regarding getting certified. They Should be able to assist.
Written by Tracy Saunders on 3/2/2010
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thank you (:are they all equally as good? or are there things i need to look for in a place to go?
Written by Tracy Saunders on 3/2/2010
If you have any questions about scuba diving or related topics this is great place to ask questions. We have a lot of experienced divers and instructors on Dive Slate.
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/2/2010
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thank you! i really hope i get to soon! what do you have to do to get certified?
Written by taylorxnicolee on 3/2/2010

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ferdinand (:
ferdinand (: Splash!
playing around.
ferdinand. playing around.
feeding the beluga (:

feeding the beluga (:

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playing around. ferdinand. playing around.
Tags: games, love, play
feeding the beluga (: feeding the beluga (:
kisses by ruby the beluga whale kisses by ruby the beluga whale
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ferdinand (:
Splash! ferdinand (: Splash!
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