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Stanman - Boulder,, Coloradp USA 

About Me:  I first went under water on the end of a hose during WWII to work on changing bent screws of the LST of which I was the Engineering Officer. I fell in love with being underwater and what I could see. In 1964 my then 14 year old son Mike and I became certified. Subsequently I joined the BSAC. Since my early dives in the Atlantic off the New Jersey coast I have made more than 600 dives with my last one five years ago at the age of 84. I have since surrendered my membership but live with wonderful memories of Scuba from its earliest days and the things I have enjoyed with good friends, my sons and a grandson. I have written about it in the book, "An Old Timer´s Scuba Tales", available from
Favorite Dive Gear
No more favorites. I turned all my dive gear over to my son Mike.
Favorite Dive Locations
Truk, Great Barrier Reef, Isla de Cozumel, Bonaire
At the age of 89 I am still actively working as a consulting engineer dealing mostly with fossil and nuclear power stations.
Writing - McGraw-Hill has publishe two technical books dealing with tubular heat exchangers, and Xlibris has published The Ship about a WWII LST in the Pacific, The Ride about a solo coast-to-coast bicycle ride on a 10-speed bike to celebrate my 59th birthday and Dog Stories about dogs I have loved and known throughout my life, and I have three other books in process of publication by a commercial publisher due out by the end of 2011 and has An Old Timer´s Scuba Tales for sale on its website.
Favorite Music
Any Mozart Sonata, Bach Tocatta and Fuge, Beethoven String Quartets, and much other classical music.
Favorite TV Shows
No favorites. Watching is mostly a waste of the time I have left
Favorite Movies
Favorite Books
Most of Mark Twain´s works. Currently reading his autobiagraphyy
Favorite Quotes
The moving finger writes and moves on, and all the piety and wit can cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

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