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whoelsebutbob in Born in Portland, Oregon. Living in Huntington Beach, Ca., USA
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me with my halibut
me with my halibut
Tags: halibut
me with a 45 pound white seabass
me with a 45 pound white seabass
Tags: white sea bass

photo taken after a dive at refugio state beach
photo taken after a dive at refugio state beach
Tags: refugio state beach

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My Status:

Need some dive partners in Santa Barbara

Spearonick - Santa Barbara USA 

About Me:  I am an avid spearfisherman and i usually freedive but I just got my certification and I´m looking for dive partners
Favorite Dive Gear
My speargun
Favorite Dive Locations
Refugio Beach, Mesa Lane, Leadbetter, Hendry´s, Campus Point, Devraux, Otter Cove, Lover´s Point, Del Monte Beach, The Breakwater
Spearfishing, Freediving, Scuba, Lobster Diving, Underwater Photography and Cinematography
Favorite Music
Stoner rock and rock
Favorite TV Shows
Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead
Favorite Movies
Dawn of the Dead
Favorite Books
Helmet for my pillow
Favorite Quotes
Franklin D. Roosevelt- "Nuts"
My Dive Bag
Aqua Lung Titan LX Regulator (View product)

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photo taken after a dive at refugio state beach
photo taken after a dive at refugio state beach
me with my halibut
me with my halibut

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