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Snappy - Vista USA 

About Me:  been diving for 3 years, only 30 dives under my belt.
Favorite Dive Gear
Scuba Pro jet fins
Favorite Dive Locations
Yucon in San Diego Ca. and St. Lucia
Rockclimbing, diving, Mountain biking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and drinking
all of the above
Favorite Music
everything from Elvis and Tom Jones to Nickleback and Staind
Favorite TV Shows
Simpsons and Rescue Me
Favorite Movies
from Cool Hand Luke to Monte Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite Books
Can´t read
Favorite Quotes
It´s mine and It´s my soap, so I can wash it as fast and as long as I want.

Snappy's Dive Slate

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hey man looking for a dive partner in san diego just got my open water cert about a month ago and i really wanna get in the water, get back to me
on 9/14/2010
Looks like it might have been a year or so since you´ve visited your Dive Slate here. Any more fun pics to share?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/3/2010
A divebuddy hookup is always welcome! Drop me a line at Thanks,BT
Written by BT on 11/6/2008
yea i forgot to say go on a weekday
Written by Liquid on 10/31/2008
Thanks for the advice. This would be my first time at Cozumel and I thought that I would get some input from my fellow divers before I made any concrete plans.Good diving to you.
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 10/31/2008
best to hit casino point on a weekday if you can make it then. There may be only a few to 15 or 20 divers at a time there. But if you go on a weekend, it´s scuba class city! There´s easily a couple hundred people there fighting over space to set their gear down.
on 10/31/2008
Um if you are going to be on the island go with casino point dive park its the best site there i think or if you are on boat go to isthmus reefreally as long as you find a kelp bed you will see lots of stuffcasino point is clear because there is no boats allowed there
Written by Liquid on 10/30/2008

More Photos

Robin at 40ft...St. Lucia
Robin at 40ft...St. Lucia
throw away camera at 44ft. no flash
throw away camera at 44ft. no flash

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Robin at 40ft...St. Lucia Robin at 40ft...St. Lucia
throw away camera at 44ft. no flash throw away camera at 44ft. no flash

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