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sharkmaster - atlanta USA 

Looking for Love About Me:  i enjoy marine research,i study shark behavioal science, i get research from mote marine lab.isaf and several other research labs,im single so i can travel back and forth to florida twice a month to dive and continue my stuides on bull sharks,it would be nice to have someone who shares my passion for sharks and tropical locals
Favorite Dive Gear
my dive computer i got a new atmos ax, my oceans 5 bc, my 350d rebelxt canon camera,and my euro travler e55 speargun
Favorite Dive Locations
oh no question....the islands i want to the area ,so many cool reefs and small islands
well my family has a ranch south of atlanta so i help my father out around there plus with all the wild life we do a lot of hunting, fishing etc.
well a lot of my time is spent on studing,but i love sports i also love collecting marine artifacts, thats why i love diving wrecks
Favorite Music
classic rock,country i play gutiar so also love the blues
Favorite TV Shows
house,burn notice,a lot of docomentrys,and fox news,fair and ballanced
Favorite Movies
wow thats a good one, theres so many, i love alot of the old movies,the classics
Favorite Books
thats another one, i try and read alot, just like the movies i like the classics, im reading a book now called the lady and the sharks
Favorite Quotes
hummm, were gonna need a bigger boat?

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contact me at
Written by sharkmaster on 8/31/2010
looking foward to sept.- nov. when its been found to be prime breeding season for gulf sharks,looks like ill be loggin a lot of dive time
Written by sharkmaster on 8/31/2010
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Indian Pass, where I´ve seen the most bulls on a single dive, is slightly west of Apalachicola.
Written by Carol202 on 8/31/2010
carol202 thanks for the info, seems i could learn a lot from you seeing the bull shark actitivity you have in your area
Written by sharkmaster on 8/31/2010
Sharkmaster, I´m not sure I got your entire message about researching sharks. Where are you planning on doing your research? Check my web site at You will see I have a whole gallery on diving the northern Gulf of Mexico.
Written by Carol202 on 8/30/2010
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between aplachicola bay and st. mark then back to central florida,were doing a study on the impact bull sharks are having on our fresh water enviroment rivers,creeks etc.
Written by sharkmaster on 8/31/2010

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