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My thanks to Dan. I have withdrawn from this contest because I had no desire to take part in a popularity contest. I thought that the contents of my webpage (which to me meant my photos) should stand on their own merit. That´s it. Thanks.
Written by Senescent on 11/18/2008
You can remove yourself from the contest by logging into your account, going to the edit screen for your webpage, and clicking the link that says ´´Remove me from the contest´´.
Written by Dan on 11/18/2008
Hi Mary,I agree with you about the nickname thing. As for Cossack, well, it´s in Western Australia and the salties of course are crocs - not an animal generally found in the wild in Washington State, I would think. I´m spending a lot of time in that area at the moment wearing my archaeologist´s hat and working on a project that will hopefully lead to some offshore rock art investigation. Meanwhile it´s nice to get home to Adelaide once in a while to dive the home reefs.RegardsGraham
Written by Graham on 11/17/2008
I withdraw my webpage from competition, so all who have voted for me please feel free to vote for other webpages if you have not already done so. I thank you sincerely for your votes; I have no desire to take part in a popularity contest.
Written by Senescent on 11/10/2008
I was drawn to your site by your title and intrigued by your premise, i looked at your photos. They are very good - as I would expect from someone that questioned the validity of nicknames for adults.If you´re ever in the Monterey area, i would consider it an honor to dive with you.victoria
Written by bigtoria on 11/8/2008
Yes, they are my photos with the large exceptions of the underwater picture of the humpbacks (thanks to Peggy Coburn)...I was blessed to snorkel with them, but didn´t see them on scuba; and one picture of a decorated warbonnet (thanks to my dive buddy, Dr. Merv Heber)... I saw lots of warbonnets, but he was the better photographer. All the rest I captured on my out-dated Canon G-2. And I can now upload a picture or two from my July trip to Barkley Sound. The viz sucked, so not many pix. But, I´m heading out to PNG in about three weeks and hope for some awesome muck diving!
Written by Senescent on 9/20/2008
Written by JP on 8/1/2008

Photo Contest Entries

the worldest smallest lionfish

the worldest smallest lionfish: tawali house reef, papua new guinea

an vehicle caught in time

an vehicle caught in time: Chuuk, Micronesia

close encounter with a sea lion

close encounter with a sea lion: galapagos islands, ecuador

bumphead parrot fish running from photographers!

bumphead parrot fish running from photographers!: sipidan island, mayalsia

friendly giant pacific octopus

friendly giant pacific octopus: browning wall, british columbia, canada

close encounter with a sea lion

close encounter with a sea lion: galapagos islands, ecuador

R-2, its known.  Acutally, its a compressor on the Fujikawa Maru.

R-2, its known. Acutally, its a compressor on the Fujikawa Maru.: Chuuk, Micronesia

friendly encounter with male wolf-eel

friendly encounter with male wolf-eel: the themis, british columbia, canada

lions mane jellyfish

lions mane jellyfish: british columbia, canada

school of scalloped hammerheads

school of scalloped hammerheads: alcyone seamount, cocos island, costa rica

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