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Lion fish NC
Lion fish NC
Tags: awesome, cool, fish
night dive look what I found
night dive look what I found
Dive commandments
Dive commandments
Tags: awesome, bizarre, cool, crazy, friendship

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scubamedicjoe - Carthage Nc USA USA 

About Me:  In general hard working guy who loves the out doors on land and below water. Love wreck diving and Sharks I´m also an active member of the online scuba community and can be found on the following sites: - - -
Looking for Dive Buddies
Favorite Dive Gear
Zeagle , Dive right , suunto, oceanic
Favorite Dive Locations
would have to say Coast North carolina Love wreck divng , then be cozumel then Florida
scuba divng both wet and Dry , Search and Rescue Computers , underwater Photography , Public safety Diving
computers Divng ship wrecks
Favorite Music
country , easy listening
Favorite TV Shows
NCIS , The Deadliest Catch ,Shark Week ,the unit,csi
Favorite Movies
any John Wayne movie , War movies - Black Hawk Down - Saving Private Ryan
Favorite Books
any scuba diving book
Favorite Quotes
Your Place or Mine
My Dive Bag
Whites dry suit (View product)
DUI dry suit (View product)

More Photos

talk about North Carolina sharks
talk about North Carolina sharks

hows this for close  NC sand tiger shark
hows this for close NC sand tiger shark
Blue stone quarry
Blue stone quarry
I am hiding
I am hiding
Lion fish NC
Lion fish NC
night dive look what I found
night dive look what I found

Photo Contest Entries

Lion fish NC

Lion fish NC: North carolina

hows this for close  NC sand tiger shark

hows this for close NC sand tiger shark: North carolina

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