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Scuba Trooper - Douglas Wyoming USA 

About Me:  I live in Wyoming with my wife and dogs. My wife Erin, got me into diving in 2002 and I have been hooked ever since. I was never a beach kind of guy but now that Erin and I have been to the Caribbean, I don´t want to be anywhere else.
Favorite Dive Gear
Just got a Cressi Travl Light BC. It is great. The Sealife DC1200 is pretty cool as well.
Favorite Dive Locations
Cozumel and Roatan
Waterfowl hunting, Playing golf and hockey.
I would like to dive as many places as possible as long as it is warm water. What I look forward to most in life is spending time with Erin and planning our next dive trip.
Favorite Music
Just about anything but country
Favorite TV Shows
Family Guy, Fringe, and any Montreal Canadians game.
Favorite Movies
The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy.
Favorite Books
Anything by Dan Brown
Favorite Quotes
Do not argue with stupid people, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Scuba Trooper's Dive Slate

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Hi, maybe you can make plans for nest diving trip after Roatan, going to Cartagena, Colombia, been able do dive and see history in Cartagena´s spanish fort and Santa Marta the first city build in America and also a diving spot at the foot of the highest mountain near the ocean in warm waters
Written by costeno on 3/31/2010
Love your pictures. Great to see your entries in the contest too. Those are great cameras and the 1000 is even better with more resolution. Have you gotten it yet?
Written by Capt B on 11/17/2009
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I actually just ordered the DC 1200. I hope it arrives before we leave for Roatan in May.
Written by Scuba Trooper on 3/21/2010

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Erin and I Cozumel 2007
Erin and I Cozumel 2007
Cozumel 2008
Cozumel 2008
Arrow Crab  Cozumel 2009
Arrow Crab Cozumel 2009
Turtle Cozumel 2009
Turtle Cozumel 2009
Splendid Toadfish  Cozumel 2009
Splendid Toadfish Cozumel 2009
Green Moray Eel  Cozumel 2009
Green Moray Eel Cozumel 2009

Photo Contest Entries

Cozumel 2008

Cozumel 2008: Cozumel

Splendid Toadfish  Cozumel 2009

Splendid Toadfish Cozumel 2009: Cozumel

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Turtle Cozumel 2009 Turtle Cozumel 2009
Erin and I Cozumel 2007 Erin and I Cozumel 2007
Green Moray Eel  Cozumel 2009 Green Moray Eel Cozumel 2009
Cozumel 2008 Cozumel 2008

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