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Scuba Cowboy - Glenpool USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I work in aviation, But I am more at home underwater. I´m a rescue diver with PADI.
Favorite Dive Gear
Any as long as it gets me underwater and lets me breathe."Ha,ha."
Favorite Dive Locations
Any and all.
Diving Duh..
Reading,cooking,anything outdoors.
Favorite Music
All.. Except rap
Favorite TV Shows
N.c.i.s. Burn notice
Favorite Movies
Anything thats got diving or aircraft in it.
Favorite Books
War and peace. or any of the classics
Favorite Quotes
#!@$ the torpedos full speed ahead

Scuba Cowboy's Dive Slate

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Hey Cowboy... how are things in Cowboy country? I haven´t been back to Tx in nearly a decade now... have a good 4th?
Written by Amyzengrace on 7/8/2010
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It´s going well I did have a good 4th. How about you? I am getting my rescue c-card this weekend can´t wait. How are things in camel country?
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 7/8/2010
Ok my fellow frogs, Two more days and off to the lake I go. Time to get the rescue c-card!!!
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 7/7/2010
I hope everyone had a good weekend of diving. I sure did.
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 6/21/2010
I agree, the land dwellers do get on my last nerve sometimes. I perfer underwater!1
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 6/15/2010
Yeh,Cowboy, I just figured out I´m more comfortable underwater than on land dealing with morons
Written by Amyzengrace on 6/15/2010
Well so far so good on my way to rescue diver!!!
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 6/14/2010
What do you do in aviation? How´s the water been? Surf´s up HUGE here this weekend, so not a great day for divers unless you want to stand on the beach and say ´´wow´´ all day. LOL
Written by whoelsebutbob on 5/22/2010
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Fuel and service aircraft. Water is starting to warm up finally. YEAH!!!! I can´t wait to get to the west coast.
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 5/26/2010
Went to Beaver lake in Arkansas this weekend. The viz was about twenty-five ft. A little chilly about 50ft. Not bad though, not bad!!
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 5/10/2010
LOL Welcome to the Dive Slates! Aviation and scuba... sounds a bit like my path.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 5/7/2010
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Thanks bro looks like a good place to keep up on things.
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 5/10/2010
Somebody get me in the water!!
Written by Scuba Cowboy on 5/7/2010

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