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Rockcounter - Windsor,CA USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Very new to diving. Open and Advanced thru PADI just recently.
Favorite Dive Gear
Zeagle BC, Oneill 7mm and a 85 cu.ft low pressure steel tank.
Favorite Dive Locations
Monterey, CA, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.
Reading(everything diving),parenting,skiing and camping.
Space(universe),how others sucum to their unfortunate demise,having a great vacation-everytime!
Favorite Music
60´s,70´s and 1/4 of the 80´s
Favorite TV Shows
Hells Kitchen and anything on Discovery.
Favorite Movies
Everything from Quintan,Classic Westerns and Hitchcock
Favorite Books
lite reading-Patterson/heavy reading-Sagan and Co./adventures-anybody that has an imagination.
Favorite Quotes
Steve McQueen-When I believe in something-I fight like h*** for it.

Rockcounter's Dive Slate

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What´s Tahoe like on a night dive?
Written by Capt B on 1/18/2010
Thanks for the post back. Looking forward to seeing you on the Big Island.
Written by Capt B on 12/11/2009
You´re welcome in So CA any time. I may be moving to HI soon,but I´ll be back here from time to time. What´s diving Tahoe like?
Written by Capt B on 12/2/2009
Cool quote mate,When get to the area, give us a holler and we´ll go to the Channel Islands or off the beach in Laguna. Where were the pix taken?
Written by Capt B on 11/19/2009

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PADI Memo w/my 10 year old
PADI "Memo" w/my 10 year old

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PADI Memo w/my 10 year old PADI "Memo" w/my 10 year old

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