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Redexotica - Caribbean USA 

About Me:  My personality is best summed up as "I am an artist". I am temperamental, and my personality changes according to my moods and/or given situation. I am independent, fearless, adventurous, determined, ambitious, loving, fiercely loyal, dependable, deep, creative. I also am very analytical, head strong, caring, competitive and a little bit crazy. I normally have an overwhelming amount of energy, and there are moments when I just get naturally high from life. Generally, I make my own rules...this can be terribly lonely at times, but gives me the freedom to be me. I possess a remarkable ability to do and do well, "anything" I put my mind to... this often gives others the impression that I am multi-talented. Ha!!! ...Little do they know that what they perceive as talent, is pure "bad mind", stubbornness and a self-imposed allergy to defeat, and to the thought that there is something I cannot do, versus something I simply ´choose´ not to do.I am flexible really: I can be highly cultured, or fairly down to earth...but for the most, I am always in control of myself. I enjoy good food, "real" friendship and challenges.
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