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me  after diving the MARK V
me after diving the MARK V

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reddiver - Everett USA 

About Me:  When I first seen the movie Jaws, I thought diving was the coolest thing I have ever seen. I am glad it still is the coolest thing, and I enjoy every dive i go on. Safe diving to all!
Favorite Dive Gear
drysuit, camera, dive lights
Favorite Dive Locations
mukilteo t dock, edmonds underwater park, edmonds oil dock, mukilteo clay wall
Favorite Music
heavy metal
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Movies
si-fi, comedy, horror
Favorite Books
true crime
Favorite Quotes
TAKE only pictures, KILL only time, and LEAVE only bubbles!

Photo Contest Entries

lions mane

lions mane: everett, washington

in need of a little light

in need of a little light: we started our dive in broad day light, but as we entered this old dock, we found our selves in need of a little extra light.

having a little fun

having a little fun: my brother and sister in - law having some fun, as we just started our dive.

diving thru an old dock

diving thru an old dock: edmonds underwater park

the angel

the angel: this angel was placed at 65fsw, to a diver that drowned at mukilteo. it is how the divers their pay their respects to him evereyday we dive there.


octopi: mukilteo t dock

a small eel

a small eel: mukilteo t dock

just playing while on our safety stop

just playing while on our safety stop: mukilteo t dock

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