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My Status: - Coral Springs, FL USA 

Looking for Love About Me:  Energetic, vivacious, passionate.
Favorite Dive Gear
Any I can don at a moment´s notice.
Favorite Dive Locations
Caymans, National Aquarium in Baltimore
Diving, cycling, golf, cooking, dancing, woodworking, home remodeling
Teaching others the joy of diving.
Favorite Music
Anything except rap and heavy metal
Favorite TV Shows
Dancing With the Stars
Favorite Movies
Top Gun, Fool´s Gold, The Sound of Music, A Knight´s Tale, and the list goes on. Big movie buff.
Favorite Books
Dive manuals and anything by Charles Dickens
Favorite Quotes
It is a far far better thing I do than I have ever done. It is a far far better place I go than I have ever known.'s Dive Slate

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Hi, if you like to dive around the world I am inviting you to see the first city in America, Santa Marta, at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and a fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, to do some spearfishing, photo, underwater video, wreck diving, etc., let me know the dates of your stay here to set you up and show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 4/4/2010
That´s great. Thanks for the information. We have the same type of thing here at the Aquarium of the Pacfic in Long Beach, CA. Of course they make the volunteers on the dive team work, like cleaning the tanks etc.
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/9/2010
Was the feeding at the Aquarium part of a tour that the public could be involved in or do you need to be part of the Aquarium staff?
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/9/2010
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The feeding is only done by members of the dive team. If you´re interested in trying out for the dive team, you should be able to get more info on their website ( If you would merely like to dive the National Aquarium that is possible through Atlantic Edge Dive Center ( and the fee is $300 and you get to dive both of the large exhibits. Hope this helps. Randy
Written by on 3/9/2010

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Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore

Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore

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Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore

Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore: National Aquarium in Baltimore

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Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore Feeding Oscar at National Aquarium in Baltimore
Tags: eel
Grand Cayman, ´08 Grand Cayman, ´08
Tags: love

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