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Pete Shields - USA 

About Me:  Rescue Diver from Corvallis, Oregon
Favorite Dive Gear
ScubaPro 6.5mm Nova Scotia Semi-Dry Suit
Favorite Dive Locations
Mike´s Beach Resort, Lilliwaup, WA
I dive the cold waters of the pacific northwest, working towards my Master Diver certification.
Love Hawaii Snorkeling and Diving, especially on Maui. Can´t wait to go back.
Favorite TV Shows
My Dive Bag
Scubapro Nova Scotia Semi Dry Suit (View product)
Aeris AT400 Pro Regulator (View product)
Oceanic Swivel Octo (View product)
Mares Puck Air Computer (View product)
Waterproof 5mm G1 Glove (View product)
Deep See 5mm boot (View product)
underwater kinetics c8 (View product)

Pete Shields's Dive Slate

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This dive was a pot of gold

This dive was a pot of gold: We found what was at the end of the rainbow on this dive. No gold, but a pot full of dungeness crab for dinner!

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My Logbook Contest Entries

Hood Canal - Eldon, WA
2/20/2012 12:16:44 PM
Peter Shields: Found a spot under a sunken boat called the Tri Hole on one night dive. My buddy reached inside the hole with his light, only to have it snatched by a huge octopus that didn’t take kindly to having his home searched. We kept our cool but lost the light!

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