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PDL (pronounced-peedle) - Rancho Cordova, CA USA 

About Me:  I am 38 years old and I am just learning to SCUBA dive for the first time this April. I am married with three boys ages 10, 6 and 4.
Favorite Dive Gear
Unknown yet I haven´t purchased all of the gear yet.
Favorite Dive Locations
I have not done my first dive yet.
I like woodworking and I also grow grapes for wine.
History, astronomy, and growing grapes. For my real job I am a peace officer.
Favorite Music
Classic rock.
Favorite TV Shows
Criminal Minds, Fringe and all of the CSI shows.
Favorite Movies
Star Trek, any of them.
Favorite Books
"Red Storm Rising" and anything by Seven Alten.
Favorite Quotes
"It´s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it"

PDL (pronounced-peedle)'s Dive Slate

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Cool, well I suppose the best thing to do now is see how it goes with the gear that I getduring the class. Then I can start thinking about what I will need and be comfortable with. Thank you for the info.
Written by PDL (pronounced-peedle) on 4/2/2010
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No problem at all! If you need any advice or any info on the various gear, give us a call. The in structors here don´t work commission so you aren´t going to get the heavy sales pitch on gear. We´re all AT LEAST instructors with various backgrounds and are here to help.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/3/2010
Well, i don´t have much of a tolerance for cold, so I am considering getting a dry suit. My thinking is that if diving isn´t comfortable and fun then I wont do it, and I really think I am going to like diving. Related to that I I have been looking on-line at gear like regulators and computers an stuff, but I am not sure what I should invest in first. Would you have any suggestions?
Written by PDL (pronounced-peedle) on 4/2/2010
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I generally tell my students that the suit is first. If you are warm and comfy during your dive then you can overcome a great deal. In your case, if you go dry that can raise a bit of an issue in that you´ll need an inflator hose for your drysuit as well as the one for your bcd and if you are still renting regs they won´t have your extra hose.When you purchase your hard gear it´s generally expected that you´ll need the reg, octo and guages to make a complete useable set, so you´ll want to be prepared to purchase them all at the same time. It´s also nice, although not necessary, to get your bcd at the same time so you´ll have your power inflator hose as well. It can be purchased seperately but will also come with your new bcd. MOST bcds on the market have a ´´standard´´ power inflator connection and will work just fine with most of your rental gear out there, but there are a few that are unique, so that is another tidbit you´ll want to keep in mind when purchasing a bcd if you do not have your reg already or aren´t picking it up at the same time.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/2/2010
Diving here is going to be one of either of those suits. Depending upon your tollerance and comfort, I find myself perfectly fine in a 7mm 1-piece suit and in the coldest part of the winter a hooded vest can be added. Usually don´t need the hooded vest though.But... now I have to admit. I earned a drysuit some years back in a sales promotion and must say that even though I don´t NEED the dry suit, I have found that I dive in it year around now. In the winter I put on the necessary undergarment for warmth and in the summer I acutally dive with a hawaiian shirt and a pair of shorts on! The level of comfort cannot be beaten! It actually feels like diving in a pair of coveralls rather than being tight and restrictive. And yes, there is a lot to be said for unzipping out of it on a cool clammy day and being dry and warm while I watch my wet friends shivver and shake and hurry into something dry to wear!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/2/2010
Cool I am looking forward to it. I would like to dive in Lake tahoe at some point. Have you ever done that and if so what is it like?
on 3/30/2010
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What would you suggest for the water temperatures around here, a 7mm wetsuit or a dry suit? I have not purchased anything yet and doing some comparitive shopping for the best use of my money.
Written by PDL (pronounced-peedle) on 4/2/2010
I did, although some years ago. It was cold and clear and there wasn´t as much to see as I was hoping. But I was also there with friends and just sort of diving where ever it was convenient for us all to stop (they weren´t divers) as opposed to diving at some of the recommended sites you hear about.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/30/2010
Great to hear! I wish I could tell you that it´s going to be warm and clear and wonderful underwater in Moneterey that weekend but... well... that´d be just not nice of me! But I can assure you that you do have some wonderful diving at your fingertips once you do finish your class!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/30/2010
I do. I will be attending the closed water and classroom portion of the class on the weekend of April 16 through 18 and then the open water portion the following weekend in Monterey.
on 3/30/2010
April is almost upon us! Have you got your dive class all set up yet?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/26/2010

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