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outtosea2 - Venice, FL now - formerly from God´s Country Wisconsin USA 

Looking for Love About Me:  SWM, NAUI Advanced DIA diver - highly experienced - with 34+ years diving, and now with over 3000+ logged tank dives, and countless flipper freedives - as well as DPV assisted freedives - looking for a very passionate, currently active and fit SWF diving gal who´s positively a N/S (NO SMOKERS period!), and who takes diving seriously health wise. Age is open - as that is just a number to me, and "You are as diver young as you feel, and not as you look!". That´s my own diving motto btw, as if and when I consider myself too old to dive then that is my time to be buried at sea - LOL. I know that Jacques Cousteau felt the very same way with salth2o running through his own veins and gills no doubt - as the undersea world was his home, and he was ageless as far as diving was concerned. If you love to DPV scooter freedive as well as tank dive more often during the weekdays as well as the weekends - that is a big plus! Solo diving by oneself can get somewhat boring after awhile, but when you can´t find a good divemate then solo diving is the only way to go - been there - done that - less hassles that way sometimes. A great diving gal soulmate is so hard to find these days, as it´s way more fun with a long-term diving companion! I have extra Steel tanks, and a full-on custom built Gast oil-less hookah setup with the best of everything (see the Favorite Dive Gear section below). It´s still hard to believe that I´ve been diving for more than half my present day age now - logging in the sheer number of dives that I´ve dove to date (endless freedives as well), and yet had no bad underh2o encounters and live to talk about it. Now I wish that I had started my diving career even 10-15 years earlier than I originally had, but back then at that time there sure wasn´t a lot of great dive gear around to be had - Oh well. Unreal - I consider myself very lucky indeed, and I´ve also proved all those skeptics wrong about shark attacks as well. I love sharks and diving in their "shared" world! What they say about the chances of being hit by lightening is so true, and I also feel that it goes double for shark attacks as well - as by the very low number of reported shark attacks worldwide to date. My first earliest 10 years of diving saw me doing probably 85-90% all night dives, as I lived for night diving! Though it´s tapered down a bit since then I still live for night diving - as it´s just the BEST! Most gals hate night diving, but I think if I ever found one that truly loved night diving I´d take her on a favorite night dive to a very special dive site, and I´d ask her to marry me (and I might add - in a very romantic and special way that only I know of - as I thought of it first)! No kidding! How´s that for diving romance? You see things at night that you just can´t see during those drab day dives. Taking those night flash photos sure would be a challenge to say the least, but well worth it on a clear water dive. Maybe someday when I get a rebreather - you think? I´ve done Altitude tank diving at June Lake, CA (7600 ft), and Pine Flat Reservoir hookah diving at (~1000 ft). I´ve Ice dived in a WI lake using only a Wetsuit - an "extreme" short duration dive experience I´ve never forgotten (NO Drysuits were allowed, and this was not for the faint of heart - even though we did a HOT water flash right before hitting the freezing water!) The BBQ brats & beer afterward were fantastic! My deepest free-dive was made to retrieve (untangle from a horizontal ledge overhang) our boat anchor chain in roughly 150´ to 175´ of water - as guessed by the amount of anchor rope (plus 25´ of anchor chain) we had laid out. Believe me it was DEEP!! Warm h2o CAT sail/dive destinations to the Dry Tortugas, Bahamas, Exuma, Dominica, and beyond are still the greatest, as ice-cold water diving is all but a thing of the past now. I still kept my fairly brand new AquaFlite plush (2-piece) 7-mm wetsuit (see details in Fav Dive Gear section) for deeper water Atlantic Ocean dives, but I mostly use my Victory brand full 3/2 all-Black smoothie surf suit for tank diving most everything else shallower in warmer local waters, which also includes DPV scooter free-dives. I love to spearfish fresh fish only just what I need for a days BBQ dinner, as I firmly believe in fish stock management. I´m totally against Mexico & Japan´s senseless slaughter of sharks just for the fins!! I also love pier & deep-sea fishing, and follow the same conservation guidelines as to Catch & Release when the BBQ dinner catch is obtained. I love to go beach clamming, as well as shallow h2o clamming, love freediving for Stone Crab claws, love freshwater free-diving for crayfish, and of course I love ocean bug diving! I can cook for you too (and I´ll even do the dishes afterwards) even if you hate the kitchen cleanup chores! Did I mention I´m a GREAT COOK, as well as a great outdoors BBQ seafood/veggie cook as well? Fresh caught BBQ fish fillets are one thing, but I really love steamed or BBQ grilled Salmon & veggies! Maybe even BBQ grilled scallops or oysters on the 1/2 shell? Grilled BBQ butterflied shrimp are out of this world too! OR - If you prefer a great tasting BBQ marinated steak with grilled veggies & baked potato instead - then no problems there as well, as I can grill that up to perfection just as well. I love to cook for my soulmate! I also make a killer oven-baked seafood pineapple pizza - thick or thin crust. Now I´m working on making that very same pizza version only outdoor BBQ style this time, and the hard part will be the indirect baking/grilling part - as related to the shorter cooking time, and the smoke chips and heat range (I´m working on it and it´s getting closer now!). On boating raft-ups they always make me the designated BBQ Chef - I wonder why? Mmmm! I love to sail, deep-sea fish, and camp out under the shooting stars on a crystal clear summer´s night. Nothing better then laying on an air mattress looking up and watching the shooting stars on a crystal clear night. Perfect way to end a long days diving and camping activities. I come with a full set of camping gear as well, and I just recently upgraded my older 2-person severe/extreme weather "smaller" tent to a much "larger" Coleman tent for more room inside. Now I wish I had spent a few more bucks on the next biggest one with the added screen room and the attached shower room (for more privacy). Beings FL has so much secluded outdoors camping and diving access areas those added tent features would sure come in handy. At least they can always be bought separately and added later on. Because FL has no really high altitude mountains like CA had, I finally decided that I had no real need for my older cold weather tent anymore, and it served me (actually us - my now ex steady diving gal soulmate out there in CA that is) well over the years. Lots of good memories in that old tent that´s for sure! Oh well. I love creature features, and now I even have a nice high wattage Gennie to supply 110VAC if needed for my soulmate - that is - if she so wishes a few extra comforts of home while roughing it! Like a HOT h2o powered steam/shower and powered Porta-potty just for starters. Who needs an RV right? I aim to please. RV´s sure are nice though, and I wouldn´t mind having one, and taking one down to the Keys sometime - dive boat in tow of course! Love to give and receive long Almond Oil full-body & isolated deep tissue back massages, as I would also hope that my LTR diving gal soulmate would reciprocate as well. Love working out on my Chuck Norris Total Gym 2000, as well as doing timed breath holds in any pool that I can get my gills into! I also like to keep my lung Cap in tune by doing daily resistance breathing with my home made lung exerciser that I inexpensively custom made from a better quality hard bodied USD LUXE snorkel mouth piece along with revamped fully adjustable & calibrated intake and exhaust ports. It works way better than just great, and I´m even thinking about making a few more for diving friends of mine, as they are now twisting my arm after seeing mine. Oh well. I try and stay active in Hatha & Kundalini YOGA for mind - body & soul, and now I´m practicing TAI CHI as well, plus doing relaxing things in-between dives. What I really miss the most is having a steady LTR diving gal soulmate like I once had when I lived in CA, or SOCAL as it´s called today. (See the FYI part below in the Favorite Dive Locations section as to some past to present dive bunnies/buddies that I´ve both had the pleasure of knowing and diving with, as with some favorite dive spot locations/places where we/I dove.) Please - NO DRUGS - absolutely NO SMOKERS, and again I say NO DRUGS! (cig smoke makes me nauseous so if you´re truly a healthy diver then you know what I mean) - NO hang-ups & NO BAD HABITS - (that includes ALL illicit drug use too - which btw also includes POT, as POT is an illicit drug as well, and has no place in the diving world - above or below the waterline for that matter, as I don´t need my dive buddy "spacing out" on me underh2o at a time when I might need her/him for whatever reason - safety or otherwise! That also goes well for the Coast Guard´s Federal ZERO TOLERANCE "on the water" boating Policy/Law, which means I don´t need my offshore dive/fishing boat and all my dive & fishing gear confiscated by the USCG just because some diving KNUCKLEHEAD/IDIOT has to bring drugs aboard my boat, and then I lose everything as well) - I think you get my point here! Same goes for SMOKERS as well, whether on a diving cattle boat, or else wanting to board my dive/fishing boat, and then later surprising me by trying to light up a cig once we´re miles out to sea! Sorry - it´s not going to happen - as I don´t need that nauseating cig smell ruining my diving day, as well as that of my gal soulmate´s diving day as well. When I see diving pix of divers all suited up with a disgusting cig hanging out of their mouth it makes me want to puke - that or it just cracks me up, as why would any healthy diver want to smoke in the first place? Think about it stupid! Need I repeat the word LUNGS a 1000 times? Get serious idiot! I need someone hacking and coughing up around me like I need a huge puncture hole in my BIU/BC!! I really think some stupid divers would smoke underh2o if they´d invent a way to do so! Really folks! What would be nice is if the dive Mfr´s actually did find a way to allow these knuckleheads to smoke underh2o, and then when they used higher O2 enhanced NITROX or EANx , or possibly TRIMIX with staged pure O2 safety stops they´d blow themselves up underh2o - KABOOM - hahaha! Wishful thinking I know, but can´t you just envision it in your minds if even for a second? If it even could be done that is. I´m cracking up just thinking about it - KABOOM - LOL - hahahaha! Sometimes I just crack myself up. Anyway - moving on here after getting that nauseating smoking part out of the way - I seek a confident LTR gal dive-mate and soulmate, and you don´t have to meet my many years of diving experience - just as long as you can hold your own underh2o I´d be just fine with that part - AND - yes I´m VERY patient with my LTR diving gal soulmate and/or any dive bunnie that would love to just tag along and dive with me. Just because I´m a very confident and competent diver doesn´t mean that I´m a "Macho type" diver at all. I don´t associate with that word term at all, and any divers (gal divers as well) that think that I am just don´t know me at all, and it just shows their shallow ignorance in thinking so. I was highly dive trained & Cert´d by the best - namely NAUI. My NAUI dive instructor was ex-NAVY UDT, and I swear his 2 assistant T/A´s were as well. When you were NAUI Cert´d after that 12 week dive course - like that of which I took at that time 32+ years ago - you could dive anywhere - anytime, and under any conditions! If you couldn´t swim or you were a really weak swimmer then chances were that you weren´t going to get Cert´d the first time around, and that was a good thing - as then you had to take the course over again to be proficient enough not to drown yourself out there in the open ocean as it were, much less in the dive training swimming pool. You would be surprised at the number of students that couldn´t even tread water for 15 mins in the swimming pool - unbelievable! How they ever thought they would survive in the open ocean or even underh2o is beyond me. Better to fail the initial dive training class instead of failing yourself at sea, or worse yet failing your dive buddy in time of need! Just that 12 week NAUI Beginner dive training course alone - that I initially went through - would make any present day Padi 2-week supposed dive training course of today look like a Cracker Jack Box joke! Seriously folks! No kidding - some of the Padi dive trained students that I see out there diving make me wonder when they are going to wind up as a DAN Deco Chamber case - that or worse! NAUI is and always was second to NONE! Padi can´t hold a candle to NAUI training - no way - never could and never will! Having said that unbiasedly - I seek a steady LTR diving gal soulmate who is truly an active diver at this point and time in my life so as to keep growing younger diving with. Did I mention that diving actually makes you younger? Trust me - it does! I´m also open to relocation to any warm water Caribbean Island dive paradise btw, just as long as it´s not a nightmare in the making. I´ve had some pretty interesting relocation offers from gals that found me on several online scuba diving dating sites, but moving to Hawaii - as for one - was just too ridiculous and mainland USA isolated to pursue at this time in my life to start with. Not only that - I had to ask myself first and foremost - "Why would a gal from Hawaii want me to move way out there just to be a dive buddy (or LTR love interest if it were to even be the latter)? Are there no guys or guy divers over there? That was really strange let me tell you." I really had to take a step backwards there, and think about that one long and clear. What with the still highly overpriced real estate market there, as well as it being compounded with the poor economy there that goes along with it - still being what it is to this very day btw, as well as the lack of good paying jobs there at present - who would ever want to move there? Not me that´s for sure, as we have the same scenario here in the states more or less - just depends on where you live at this moment in time. One offer to move to La Paz, Baja MX did absolutely nothing for me at all as well, as who wants to move even closer to a drug corrupted and drug smuggling area such as that? Not me - that´s for sure! Bad enough here in the states as it is, so who even wants to relocate to MX of all places just to be closer to more drug smuggling, more corruption, and more killing? I don´t think so! Last I heard the drug smugglers south of the MX border had killed something like 4,000+ innocent people to date! OUCH! I´ve heard too many horror stories of USA people being taken as hostages (in trade for money) down there by corrupt scum officials of every kind - the Mex Police as well. There is no end to the corruption south of the border, and it´s hard to try and trust anyone down there! Even the kids are taught to steal from you no matter what it is you have on your person. Read the CIA warnings about La Paz, Baja MX for starters if you don´t believe me. I used to think that places like La Paz & Loreto were isolated from all the crime down there in the Baja MX, but boy was I wrong! No thank you! Serious replies only please, no games! Send me your e-mail addy along with your complete dive profile (long or short doesn´t matter), and your recent photo gets mine in return. Sorry - NO Gmail addy´s - as Gmail supports tons of spammers and hackers, and I NEVER return emails to any Gmail addy! Just so you know.
Favorite Dive Gear
Too much to list, but I sure do love my Dacor RIG when it comes to full on Wreck and/or Deep dives. My newer AquaFlite brand 7mm Plush in and Lycra out wetsuit is really cut & stitched great, and for the $125 I paid for it at a wetsuit type garage sale I really do like the attention paid to the "small details", as well as to some of the other features that it has. My full AF 1-piece 7mm walk-in with back zipper can be used separate from the step-in sleeveless shortie that came with it. That sleeveless shortie nicely comes in handy when white-h2o rafting, as long as the river water isn´t really ICE cold, and that sleeveless feature makes for easier raft paddling movements without adding bulk. I didn´t think that going back to a detached hood wetsuit was going to be any fun, but I was wrong - as the great neck cut and snug seal makes for a great hood seal with no ICE CUBES down the back as it were! Thank God for that part! It does have zippered leg cuffs though, so the only thing I really miss on my new AF wetsuit is my Main Knife Sheath cuff pocket that all my old Kettenhoffen wetsuits had sewn onto the left outside leg cuff, as then I could use a snug but yet very comfortable single quick release wide Velcro/Nylon type strap instead of those funky rubber type Knife Sheath straps that would always break when you least expected it. I will still have to figure out a new Knife Sheath cuff pocket approach seeings the leg cuffs on my AF wetsuit are now zippered. Worse case would be to just leave the left cuff closed or zippered down (or removed altogether), and then sew over it with the new sheath pocket. We´ll see. Too bad my smaller non-commercial type Kenmore sewing machine won´t sew wetsuit material type stitches, as then I´d just do it myself - beings I´m very good on a sewing machine myself. Everything else using lighter weight nylon webbing material for accessory straps, custom 2-piece snap nylon lanyards, D-ring holders and such I can sew on my Kenmore using color matched Dacron thread - no problem. I was self-taught working in a Navy Av/Equip - Paraloft shop that we shared with the Parachute Riggers. I learned from the best! My prior 7mm wetsuits were all Mark Kettenhoffen custom made farmer-john and full jacket skin-in and Lycra out 7mm with attached hoods. They were the BEST for all cold water diving! Kept me piping HOT all dive long! Beings my new AF wetsuit is more of a pre-cut rack suit - it did fit me just perfect, and without having to do any add´l alterations/mods to it (how lucky is that these days?). My 3/2 Victory smoothie surf-suit (that I also found brand new at a garage sale for $25) just had to have the legs and arms cut down a bit, as it was rack cut for a TALL person, but once it was altered for $10 at the Victory plant it fit me like a glove! Great DPV scooter assisted free-diving wetsuit, and NO extra weights are needed at all - perfect neutral buoyancy under water! That neutral buoyancy part comes from the slightly negative Dacor Sea Sprint DPV factored in, otherwise the 3/2 Victory wetsuit buoyancy is of course positive. Speaking of DPV´s - my upgraded Primo DACOR SEA SPRINT DPV would have to be next. It was near brand new when I pulled it out of a $286 "all Dacor" used dive gear package deal that just by chance I lucked out getting my hands on it first (lucky me again). Sometimes it really pays to be in the right place at the right time! I still chuckle every time I think about finding that goldmine of brand new & slightly used dive gear. I was trying really hard to contain my emotions all the while loading it all into my SUV. I even had to roll up all the SUV windows driving away, as I was screaming out loud at the top of my lungs with JOY in finding that dive gear goldmine! I wound up keeping some of the other dive gear pieces as backup spares (Dacor 360 XLE REG, etc etc), and parted out everything else for a tidy cash profit of ~$300 - and lets not forget the ~$1800 Dacor DPV scooter being a total freebie as well. Not bad at all. All the DPV scooter needed was a new Yuasa 24ah AGM batt (cost me $50 wholesale for 2 brand new Yuasa batts), and a new AGM type batt charger (Schumacher brand Fully Automatic AGM type ~$42 at Walmart) because that original Dacor batt charger got lost somehow by the previous owner. That replacement Schumacher batt charger actually turned out to be way better than the cheapy $180 charger that Dacor wanted to charge me! I could have bought 4 of those great Schumacher batt chargers for that $180 price that Dacor wanted! I guess that´s why I´m a battery & batt charger expert. Long story short right there. Following my Dacor DPV scooter - next is my favorite 3rd generation Sherwood OASIS+ Reg with fully external IP adjustable 1st stage (they stopped making those fully external IP adjustable 1st stage models years ago with that much sought after deep wreck diving feature - lucky me - I got one!). I love all my Steel dive tanks, as for being able to carry far less lead weight (1 PS HP100 - 2 LP95´s by PS & Faber - 1 LP80 by PS), and course my 1 HP13 AL Pony bottle as well. That AL Pony bottle also makes a great "10 minute snatch and grab lobster dinner tank" for last minute quickie over the side bug dives. My custom made Keene Hookah system is a real kicker for drift diving shallower waters with clear VIS. It´s a gas B&S driven model with a twin cyl oil-less GAST compressor rated at 3.5cfm & 100psi line WP down to 60´ with 2 divers. It has (2) 100´ custom made 1-piece airlines + (2) additional 60´ airlines with (2) almost brand new upgraded Sherwood High-flow (Free Flow) HK Regs (all w/solid quality brass quick d/c´s too), 3-way coupled to a custom all S/S 3.5 cu/ft expansion/reservoir tank that never leaves you dry on air! That is - unless you´re an air Woofer to start with, and your normal SAC is way over 1.5 to start with. In which case you might need another doctor´s check-up, or at the very least getting back on that treadmill (hahahaha)! I sold off those 2 original Keene supplied Cheapy Hookah Regs (older Healthways brand Regs if I remember correct), as well as the older strap harness manifold assys that came stock from Keene years ago, as they were just no frills low-end put-togethers anyway. Never had any quick d/c´s on them, and everything always had to be stored fully assembled which I never cared for to start with. I´m now working on redesigning and putting together 2 new lightweight custom made Hookah BIU type backpack systems with fully integrated & dumpable quick-pin ABS weight tubes that will use various weighted soft lead shot packs much like the custom ABS weight tube systems I designed for my Dacor Rig setup. Hopefully both new Hookah systems will either have nice non-inflatable comfort type jackets attached to BIU/backpack type combo´s - if I can find a really great deal out there and then remodify them to fit, otherwise they´ll both have nice fully adjustable comfort strap Tech Diver type (less busy though) BIU combo assys like that of my Dacor RIG. In either case both ABS type backpacks and/or heavier all S/S backplanes will each have its own permanently mounted 4-way air line manifold/coupler assy - each having a quick d/c main air line coming from the compressor´s topside 3.5 cu/ft S/S expansion/reservoir tank. Each backpack/backplane manifold/coupler assy will have a solid S/S manifold body with 4 solid quality female brass quick d/c´s all the way around. 1 d/c for the Main Surface Air Supply line, 1 d/c for each HK (Free Flow) Reg, and 1 d/c for each BIU auto-inflator hose, with the 4th d/c as a spare for lift bags, etc. No skimping here! The best of everything including a custom designed fully adjustable integrated ABS tubed weight system with both BIU backpack setups, each with a quick-pin weight dumping system as well - just in case there is an emergency at depth. When I get everything done and set up the way I need them to be I´ll try and post some pix of all my custom made dive gear - maybe? - hahaha! Currently looking to upgrade my older, but much lighter "no frills" custom made (beach only) BIU diving system as well. Less "bells and whistles" then my busy Dacor RIG, as I custom made it esp for quick "spare of the minute" (shallower water) beach dives. That original "Made in Canada" quality SeaQuest BIU bladder´s "single Heavy Nylon material outer shell cover" finally gave out after MANY years of faithful service. I take really great care of all my dive gear is why it all lasts so long! Hard to find good quality "double or even triple stitched seam" Heavy Nylon or Nylon Cordura Outer Shell BIU´s like they once made in Canada years ago. I have no use for those ridiculous bladderless BIU´s either, as all I´ve ever seen them do is leak - leak, and leak to no end! No thank you! Esp with some of the ridiculous high prices they want for some of the cheaply made dive junk they have out there today that is all made in China anyway. (Gear up-date - I finally picked up a great deal on the BIU Bladder/Shell & Comfo harness I was looking for to upgrade my older beach "no frills" BIU system, so now I just have to remount the custom made fully integrated & dumpable quick-pin ABS weight tubes to the custom made AL backplane that will still use various weighted soft lead shot packs much like the custom ABS weight tube systems that I designed for both my full-on Dacor RIG setup, and those for my future 2 new Hookah BIU/jacket setups. Still looking for a plain no frills Large & Medium BIU soft backplane type harness system for me and my gal diving mate that is lightweight and easy to get in and out of. All that still needs to be mounted to the BIU soft backplanes are the Hookah air line Manifolds, and the fully integrated & dumpable quick-pin ABS weight tubes with whatever is needed for weights for neutral buoyancy.) More later on. Again - way too much dive gear to list here!
Favorite Dive Locations
FYI - It´s always something - as it seems like a diving gal either loses interest early on right after getting Cert´d, or else it´s the career thing. That or they might even have to move back to Europe as it were - much like that of which one gal diver from Santa Barbara did - that being right after I met her many years ago now. She was a true "free-spirit" diver in every sense of the word, and who unfortunately tried to live in the USA flying under the radar as it were - sad but true. See - she also lived in a bubble sad to say, as she didn´t believe in paying any taxes (weird I know). As you might have guessed by now she was a career Masseuse by profession, having traveled all over the world and even taking on cruise ship masseuse jobs along the way, and diving while being on the move from job to job, as she liked being paid only in cash which was her magic tax free way of life, or so she thought. We all have to pay taxes unfortunately! Just my luck I guess, as I happened to meet her right when her 2 year Visa from Europe was due to run out, and then she had to go back by default - back to where her 2 kids were living anyway. Long story! Bummer in a way, as she truly was a free-spirit in every sense of the word, as well as being LTR soulmate material. Timing is everything sometimes! They are truly a rare find today let me tell you - FYI. I gave up on those so-called scuba diving dating sites, as they are all a crock of you know what. The profiles, photos, and gals ages posted there were so old and outdated that it wasn´t even funny, and most gals were not even updating them in like 8+ years time! Not only that, but it seemed like every gal posting there at those so-called scuba diving dating sites was only a 2-3 times a year diver at best. Most had only been diving on or off a cruise ship, which was a complete joke to start with - as what is that anyway? That is not my idea of an active diving gal at all. More like a Rescue dive nightmare if you ask me. I once even tried to get a couple of love interest gals interested in scuba diving, but they would have none of it - saying that they feared the water in general, and esp being underh2o as well. Seems like a couple of them actually did get scuba Cert´d some years later after we had gone our separate ways - so I found out years later. So why did that happen - your guess is as good as mine? Sometimes timing is everything, as so too are career paths and the like. Who really knows anymore? One diving gal soulmate that I had years ago loved doing a pre-dawn "hours worth" of relaxing wake up Yoga on the beach (weather permitting of course) - followed by a nice relaxing beach shallow h2o tank cruiser dive. We had 2 pretty nice secluded (semi-private) beaches in south Laguna Beach (that was in CA btw) - one right next to each other, and they were only accessed by/thru private invitation (we had Hospital work friends that lived in the private gated communities there so we had it made in the shade as it were), so it was either that or else having to climb over some pretty intimidating cliffs just to get to them - that is - if our friends were away on vacation. Both of those secluded beaches pretty much had drive right down to waters edge access as it were - NICE! Hot showers afterwards too! Really NICE! Snorkeling or even shore free diving in SOCAL wasn´t that great there, unless you went further south say down to San Diego and LaJolla Cove for instance, as the more coastal northern swells often times stirred up way too much bottom turbidity and washed everything out. Either that or it was always some weird RED TIDE or else Algae blooms! Winter months (though very cold diving) provided some very clear beach access water (with Vis being 30-60´+ at times), and night dives were pretty awesome to say the least. Of course if the winter swells were high then the Vis was sometimes very low as well - Oh well ! You almost always had to go to Catalina Island by boat to get some really clear inshore beach snorkeling, or 50-60´ of clear Vis offshore while there. I´ve boat & beach dove most all of the Channel Island´s Hot Spots and wrecks, the Santa Barbara coastline, and dove most every beach reef & jetty from Palos Verdes Point south to Dana Point. Not too much really to beach dive south of Dana Point except maybe for a few prime San Clemente and San Onofre productive offshore reefs and kelp forests there, but the San Clemente & San Onofre reef spots are a long shore swim out, and a boat or kayak is the only way to go once down there. San Diego and La Jolla had some really great inshore dive spots as well. Finding the original old Newport Pier (originally called the McFadden Wharf) missing its 600´ of end pier pilings while on a planned DPV Nav dive back in 1980 some 30+ years ago now was a real find, as no one (diver that is) that I ever knew early on in my dive career was ever able to find any traces of the missing 600´ of end pier pilings. We found what was left of them in roughly 55´ of water, which back in 1891 and then again in 1939 a huge winter storm had destroyed the end ~600´ of end pier pilings, or so local CA pier history so states. The end of the original pier had a T on it, and was used to boat off-load lumber via train railroad tracks that ran the length of the pier back then. I saw an original b&w aerial pix taken of that original McFadden Wharf pier in a NP Beach Construction Co office one time just by chance, and boy it was hard to believe that it ran that far out to sea! No wonder the storms did that much damage. Just finding some of the original pilings like we did in 1980 on that DPV dive was sometime else as well, as that was a long offshore Nav dive out and back. Doing it without a DPV would require a huge tank (at least a HP 120 cu ft steel), as we used steel LP 95´s and had air to spare making it back to the end of the present day pier before resurfacing under it. There were a lot fishermen at the end of the pier that day, but we managed to miss all the fishing tackle (hooks, lures & weights, etc). There were some huge Sheephead cruising around those pier piling stubs when we first got out there, but they managed to stay well out of reach once they sensed our presence there. I´d say they were all in the 15 to 25 lb range easily - probably even bigger, as most fish underh2o will always tend to fool you size wise until you get them out of the water! I´m sure glad they are a shy fish esp with those narly looking teeth they have! I´m sure they were looking for some tasty lobsters to munch on, as there were some of those out there as well as a bunch of Spider Crabs, Stone Crabs, Huge Moon Snails, large Sand Bass, Octopus, and even a large Shovelnose Sand Shark or Guitarfish as they are called. Sheephead will eat just about anything I´m told - even Sea Urchins, which are just one of many of their favorite dinner fares, and I believe it esp with those narly looking teeth they have! That was one great Pacific shore dive! That 1939 storm caused the pier to be totally rebuilt, and back then the shoreline was quite a bit farther out, so I´m guessing the end pilings weren´t as deep back then either - considering the gradual bottom slope you find there, as there is no great d r o p-off to be found there - at least not like that of the Newport Trench just to the south of Balboa Pier. Amazing at how much more shoreline there was back then - as compared to now. Baja CA diving - even today - is just so-so to me, as to all the hassles just trying to find something worthwhile to dive down there! Too much drugs and corruption there to ever care going back down there as of late - what with all the modern day drug crime and killings going on there at present - who needs Mexico anything - let alone all the drug trafficking coming up from Columbia as well. NO THANK YOU! I´ll take the Caribbean Islands any day!! In FL clear beach water abounds just about everywhere - so doing a nice relaxing drift snorkel to clear the senses after a beach Yoga session is no problem at all. Whenever the CA sunrise there (if there even was a clear one to see) finally decided to show we´d try to focus on it and use it as a candle flame (White Light or an image level of "Prana" as it were) for a final deeper relaxation mode - as is was the greatest! I had a great Yoga teacher early on and some of those early morning Yoga sessions there were the best! Now I wish I had done all that beach Yoga in FL instead as because of the great sunrises & sunsets we have here! Of course the CA diving right afterwards wasn´t bad either - that is - as long as the shore tide was calm - good luck. Doing a FL seaside Yoga session solo now - on a hit or miss basis - just isn´t the same. Can´t keep me out of the water though - as my gills need to be kept wet (hahaha). Watching the early morning sun come up when I lived on the West Coast of CA (prior to moving to FL) wasn´t anywhere near as great as it is now watching the sun come up on a great FL Gulf side beach setting! Now being in FL there just isn´t any comparison to CA at all. Of course living on the mellow FL Gulf Coast side may not fully compare to that of living on the overcrowded FL East Coast side (as far as for the sunrises that is) - when you weigh out everything the uncrowded Gulf side has to offer - including those awesome SUNSETS on the Gulf side - well - I´ll take the uncrowded Gulf side any day! Beings that FL is pretty flat landmass wise anyway, the early morning FL sunrises to me are just as great on the Gulf side as they are on the Atlantic side! CA has nothing on our great FL weather - diving - and of course those awesome FL sunrises & sunsets! Not to mention everything else as well - including cheaper house prices and cheaper prices on just about everything else in-between. I should have moved back to FL 30 years ago! Oh well - that´s what starting and running a business in CA will do to you. I´m now glad both are gone, or in other words a thing of the past. Time for new FL diving adventures in the best diving Capitol of the world! Locally I now enjoy beach treasure dives and hunting for valuables that people lose while on the h2o (will only divulge locations to my gal dive buddy - sorry guys). I love wreck diving the shallower inshore wrecks when and where the h2o is calm, as then you have more air time that way. Diving the older terminated Gulf oil platforms offshore is a real blast - as for all the cool sealife growing there, as well as the abundance of BIG game fish. It takes awhile to get out to them, as they are a ways out in deeper water. If the sea surface is a bit rough, and the diving is so-so you can always go deep sea fishing nearby the old oil platforms, as there´s never a boring moment that´s for sure! It´s also best to have someone always stay on the boat just in case bad weather kicks up, or there are anchoring problems, etc. Having your free pick of fresh oyster shooters isn´t too bad either! I´ve yet to do some serious cast netting for fresh shrimp though, as it does take a bit of practice throwing/casting the net. I did tons of colder h2o Pacific Ocean West Coast CA diving (2700+ dives there) prior to relocating to Venice, FL - so now I need to build up my great warmer h2o offshore island dives all over again. I´m still not too crazy about diving any of the fresh h2o areas (springs or otherwise) that tend to harbor a gator or 2. Don´t even need to meet my maker at the hands of a mean gator - OUCH - CHOMP CHOMP - OUCH - that´s for sure! I´ll dive with the sharks any day, as they are at least a bit more predictable when it comes to anything biting wise. Somehow I just can´t imagine seeing myself in the jaws of a gator being "rolled" round and round and over and over again until I drown! No way! I´m considering making and using a banger-stick just in case. I definitely want to dive RUM CAY again, and then DOMINICA next real soon!!!! I hear the diving there is awesome, and the island people are really great as well. I had friends from CA that had family living on Dominica, but have yet to be invited there as their guest. Knock knock - hello Patty - I´m long overdue ready now - hint hint?? I wouldn´t mind living there if that were even a faintest possibility!! That island is said to be really safe esp during hurricanes - as by all the many inland protected caves they have there. The island mountain trekking with the many spectacular freshwater waterfalls there is said to be some of the best ever! The many island fruit trees are said to be world class as well. More later :~)
Besides diving (of course) I love to fish and sail whenever I can. I also love fixing broken things with a passion - esp electronics related things, and esp when I can fix them better then new! I hate this throwaway nation much as I hate to say it that most of the USA mainly is today. It´s so hard today to even try and find someone that can fix things right the first time around - let alone fix anything at all. They just like to take the/your money and run! Sad isn´t it? That is why many times over I´ll take a piece of main dive related equipment, or even certain add-on accessories, and I´ll make them even better then they were first designed/intended for diving use. I esp love working with 1/8" & 3/16" S/S (Stainless Steel) rod making improved aftermarket accessory clips and fasteners verses using the often times cheaper OEM plastic type components that often time will break when you least want them to - as related to diving gear and how salt-h2o & UV effects them short & long term. I´ve pretty much customized all my diving gear with the added "little things" that never come with them from the start. I tend to use a majority of pure quality "Made in the USA" #316 all S/S type trigger clips & snaps verses those cheaper brass types, as the cheaper "Made in India or China" brass components will always tend to bind up (stick open) - that or - the cheap springs inside will break, and then totally fail just when you least want or need them to. Loss of backup dive lights, full lobster game bags, safety dive knives etc doesn´t make for a great dive when any one of those items are lost during a dive - esp while making a night dive where it´s near impossible to ever find them again. OUCH! Unless you constantly apply a preferred high quality silicone based lube, or else a silicone based light penetrate type oil (and NOT WD-40 either) on the latter cheaper type brass clips/snaps they will always corrode, bind up, and fail, and then leave you with a lost stage bottle, dive light, game bag full of bugs, favorite dive knife, cave diving gear, or even worse - camera type equip as well. (Note: NEVER use WD-40 around ANY piece of diving gear - as it will destroy most all plastics short or long term, all acrylics, and most or all O-rings & gaskets. It will even attack some cheaper nylons, and it will even damage zippers whether they are nylon or metal types, and the materials they are fastened to - mainly nylons, Cordura mix, and Neoprene´s! Also - NEVER use Baby Oil around any dive gear as well - esp around any wetsuit of value!) FYI - The reason I said NEVER use Baby Oil around or inside your good wetsuit (whether it´s a Skin-in or Plush-in type) is because I once dove with a gal that used to actually heavy Baby Oil her skin first prior to getting into her once good Plush-in wetsuit, and then the Baby Oil got all over inside of her once good 7mm Plush-in wetsuit as well - if you can even believe she did that to begin with. She tried to tell me that she did it because supposedly it kept her skin nice and soft. Daily use of Baby Oil will do that to your skin anyway, as I myself use it after each shower to keep my skin looking healthy & young and refreshed, but why use it around your good wetsuit. I actually cringed the first time I dove with her, and first saw her doing that, but even by that time her once good wetsuit was long since ruined anyway - as from all the oily residue (actually dead body skin and tons of ocean micro-organisms turned into a slimy bacterial ladened goo inside - yuk) that had coated the Plush-in material inside. All that greasy slime inside her wetsuit was doing was just collecting more dirt and whatever else there was in the water. It provided NO level of warmth at all - as from the ruined Plush-in material at that point. Forget the fact that it also got all over the Lycra material outside as well. At first I wondered why her wetsuit looked so shiny outside - now I know - hahaha. She had a diving mind of her own, and who was I to try and tell her that she was doing wrong - diving wetsuit or otherwise. Just so you now know. See my other INTERESTS below, as many ARE my daily/weekly activities as well. FYI - I´m currently looking into making a new career change crossover into that of the PV & Wind Gennie industry, or anything having to do with 100% Green Renewal Energy!! Either as a PV Consultant, or else doing Due Diligence field work inspecting and troubleshooting existing PV and/or Wind Gennie systems. In other words - anything having to do with "Living OFF the Grid" esp if it´s Marine related! I do believe that every house in the USA should have it´s own PV Panel system with a backup Wind Gennie, as well as a large enough AGM battery bank that provides at least 80% of the daily or monthly electrical usage that an average house consumes in an otherwise normal electrical billing cycle. Actually 100% capacity and over is even better yet! If you should know of any such PV or Wind Gennie related career opportunities - that are open out there at this time - by all means shoot me a contact line. I would greatly appreciate any good solid leads! Even if it´s an offshore island position I am totally open to a relocation just as long as there is a lot of great diving involved on the side!! My technical background includes all batt technologies as well, as I am an expert on just about all the batt chemistries out there presently - as part of my present day consulting/repair work - both on Marine boat systems and PV grid systems, and everything else in-between. I love going to cmptr Swapmeets and finding the older quality made used UPS units in good condition, and then testing & recalibrating them to spec, and then reselling them. Those smaller 1-batt types that are good I use around the house as digital clock power backups so I don´t have to reset the time should we have a power failure. Works for me! The bigger good quality type UPS units that test OK I use for my cmptr power backup needs. Those that are less than good I enjoy stripping them down for spare parts. My 2 major goals right now are to: 1- get all TOXIC Ni-CD batts banned from production permanently, and keep all the discarded dead ones out of the landfills until they are all gone or used up, and then get the safer Ni-MH batts set as the norm for all basic rechargeable batt needs! 2 - is to get ALL oil drilling permanently BANNED in the Gulf of Mexico. The latter goal will be impossible I know, but I love challenges! I am also currently working on marketing a smaller version of that larger fishing cart that you see in my pier picture. I also love BBQ´ng esp fresh caught fish & lobster! Will add more later on. :~)
Scuba-diving of course - Free-diving - Whiteh2o rafting - River tubbing - Swimming laps - Warm Hydro-spas - Yoga - Yoga at the beach - Kayak fishing - Fishing - Sailing - Camping under the shooting stars on a clear night - Outdoor lifestyle - Target practice with my vintage scoped 22LR bolt action Remi, my Ruger 22 Magnum Pistol, & my LaserDot Glock 23 pre-ban - Travel - RV travel - BMW motorcycle touring - Computer & UPS Rpr - Boat Electrical & Electronics Rpr - DC/AC Inverter Rpr - Electronics study of changing technologies & Electronics Rpr in general - Color Green - Green Bay Packers - Green Bay Packers are AMERICA´S TEAM - Wisconsin - Electric cars & SUV´s, Solar PV Grid Power, 100% Green Renewable Energy - Good Virtues & Values - Clean Democrats and DEM politics only - Great off the wall humor - Jokes - Acey Duecy (Backgammon to you non-military gals/guys) and Chess - Card Games (esp team Spades & Hearts, and Black Jack on a better day) - Classical music - R & B music - Disco Boogie! - JT - Slow dancing - Bonnie Raitt lover is a BIG plus - Great kisser with soft sensuous lips is a BIG plus as well - Long Passionate Kisses - Hrs of Great Foreplay after a Great Dive together, and passionate love making as well - Spooning - Real Brunettes Rule - Long Almond Oil Massages - Steam Saunas with Eucalyptus Oil - 55° F Cold Dips - Home Gym Workouts - Beaches at Night even in the Warm Rain - Watching Thunderstorms & Lightening at Night - Ocean Skinny Dipping at Night in the Rain - NO SILICONE - extroverted gal only please - Great communicator only above and below the water please - Single gal only - Where is my diving SOULMATE?
Favorite Music
Would have to be any soothing sounds of the ocean or undersea world including the "Symphony of the Sea", or the "Singing of Humpback Whales"! If you´ve ever had a truly GREAT full body massage - with either playing in the background - after a great day of soulmate dive buddy diving - then you´d know! Anything but that RIDICULOUS rude & crude RAP CRAP garbage, and that equally annoying Country Western garbage as well. See my INTERESTS above for my other favorite music!
Favorite TV Shows
Ghost Whisperer is my all time favorite hourly show, as nothing much else is worth watching today (love this show - even the original reruns on ION TV!) - Seinfeld reruns - Wild Wild West (when reruns can be found) - Vincent D´Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe in those early season Law & Order re-runs, as I don´t care for the other late cast of actors (esp that idiot Ice-T rapper trash that ruined the show) - Just started watching The Deadliest Catch show this season, and makes me glad I don´t have to dive with a DRY SUIT in ICE WATER conditions, as just watching that show runs an ice cube up and down my wetsuit spine pad! What some people will do to make $12k+ in those death defying conditions in less then a month´s time no less makes me glad I have the safe work I do! - I kinda like watching the old Sea Hunt series with Lloyd Bridges even though it usually comes on very early in the morning on THIS all movie channel, as I like to spot and pick out the many TV bloopers that the diving show had on it, esp those which we as younger kids growing up never spotted in a million years. Some of the best bloopers are those showing him jumping into the water with a single tank on, and once the underh2o camera picks him up he´s wearing twin 38´s or twin 45´s! Or vice-versa where he goes in with twins on and comes out with a single tank. Or those times where he has to do an extremely long offshore dive and he only wears a single tank, and yet other times when it´s a very short dive and he straps on those bulky twin tanks with NO comfort backpack for comfort. Those annoying nylon straps and bulky LEAD WEIGHTS must have been murder on the skin and hips!! It´s a wonder he wasn´t all black and blue after those non-wetsuit scenes! It´s hilarious at times, but I guess in those days they thought it was a great days film shooting in b&w, as what else was there to watch anyway? Those shows where they call him up at home and then say they have a life & death situation with a runaway submarine mine, or else some deadly gas canisters that will blow up in 12 mins and kill half the population on the coast of wherever he is, and they always need him there in like 5 mins always crack me up as well. Because what diver do you know that can make it from his/her house to the dock/boat miles away (with all their dive gear ready to go I might add), and then still have enough time to travel 5-10 miles offshore in his boat, and be in the water all in that 5 mins time like the TV show would have you believe? WOW! Mike should have been nicknamed SUPERMAN with some of those super-human stunts he did way back when! Super Dave Osborne had nothing on old Mike Nelson that´s for sure. Those smaller tanks he used back then sure had a lot of air stuffed in them as well, as I like the shows that show him getting 3 hours worth of air out of a single 60 or 72 cu ft tank. Now that´s what I call Bottom Time!! Thank God Mike Nelson didn´t have a Rebreather back then hahaha, as then those shows would have lasted 5-6 hours each hahaha LOL! The most BT I ever got from my old steel 72´s was about ~75 mins at ~40´ or less on a beach treasure hunt dive. My old twin steel 45´s (2015psi rated with a + hydro test stamp and pumped up to ~2400psi at roughly ~105cuft) once got me 100 mins of BT at ~45´ on a beach bug dive, and I still had 500 psi air left after calling the dive a rap, as I had my 7 keeper bugs bagged, and I was bored to death having run out of reefs to cover that night (Oh well - gotta love those old Sea Hunt shows though) - BBQ U & Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen (Mmmm great outdoor BBQ grilling stuff there - makes me wish I was a BBQ Pit Master for a living!) - ION TV of course - THIS 24-hour movie channel - BBC news channel - DW-TV German and European news - RT news/tech channel from Russia - World Focus News - Charlie Rose - Bill Moyers Journal (has just now retired at 75 from the show as of April 30th, 2010 - he will be missed!) - PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer - David Brancaccio with NOW on PBS - Nightly Business Report - Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal on PBS - Tavis Smiley sometimes if there is a good interview with someone really interesting - THIS WEEK with George Stephanopoulos when there´s no idiotic/lame GOPS on the show just trying to bash Obama/Clinton/Carter/JFK to no end esp for all the screwups that the GOPS themselves created - Meet the Press sometimes when it´s again not loaded with stupid GOPS the likes of that idiot Newt the Fruit Gingrich, or that equally idiotic Mary Matalin who couldn´t see the light at the end of a tunnel even if the tunnel was only 2 feet long! That also goes double for that sorry excuse of a spineless wimp of a husband James Carville that somehow married her (add Forrest Gump´s "stupid quote" here) - Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer - Green Matters on PBS - All PBS Nature Shows, actually any Nature show esp those related to the Oceans, Ocean Conservation, and Ocean shows that include diving - Fishing shows - Sailing shows - DIY fix it shows - This Old House - New Yankee Workshop - sometimes even Motorweek when they focus on Hybrid cars & SUV´s as related to GREEN battery technology. My ultimate dream would be to host a "Tech type" DIY FIX-IT show that focuses on repairing electronic devices instead of just throwing them out and sending more junk to the overflowing landfills. People could then send in their broken electronic controlled items for a free onscreen eval, and then they could be fixed right on that TV segment (if they even could be repaired to begin with?). Kinda like an Electronics 101 TV classroom live on TV where the viewing audience even gets to participate, and possibly even for school credits as well. Hands on training is always the best, esp with adults today looking to take on a new career path esp after losing their prior job due to the bad economy and all, and sometimes even kids that can´t get the proper training in schools. Food for thought as it were - at least we can dream right? Btw - I don´t care to watch any disgusting TV shows or sitcoms with H content in them! There´s more to life than just watching TV, so don´t get me wrong here - as these are just the mentioned shows that I like the best even though I don´t get to watch them at times. When it rains outside and the diving is ruined for the day then it´s time to catch up on a few put off home repairs (hahaha), that or else a good DVD movie or nature program on the tube. I´ll add more later :~)
Favorite Movies
Ghost - Petty Woman (both #1´s as it´s an even draw here) - Message in a Bottle - The Time Traveler´s Wife - Flashdance - Officer and a Gentleman (esp the soundtracks) - The Heavenly Kid - Under Siege - Top Gun - No Way Out - from there I have over 100 DVD movies, and romance/comedies are my favorites followed by suspense/drama/action movies. I do have the complete Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry" series, and a few more of his favorite action movies, but other then that I´m NOT a big fan of heavy violence and/or stupid special effects movies, as it´s just a big waste of my time and money. At least some movies 20-30 years ago had good movie content and a good plot line to them, unlike the garbage that Hollyweird is trying to sell present day! Nothing there today worth wasting good money on! I also like some of Burt Reynolds action movies as well - esp Sharky´s Machine, Malone, Gator, and White Lightening. Richard Gere as well in No Mercy - esp the Michael McDonald "OUR LOVE" sound track at the end! Love that song and the ending! I haven´t gone to a paid movie in so many years that I can´t even remember the last time I went. I tend to recall that STAR WARS was playing at the time (hahahaha)
Favorite Books
"In Retrospect" by Robert McNamara has to be my all time favorite - even though I´m NOT a big book reader! If you haven´t read it, and you´re still wondering why we are still quagmired in Iraq and Afghanistan the way we are present day - unfortunately no thanks to those 2 totally idiotic GOP dipsticks named bush/cheney - then you too haven´t learned anything from past wars! If you read that book then you´ll know why many have said the very same thing today, and not just me. On the whole I´m NOT a big book reader, as sometimes the prolonged eyestrain hurts my eyes, and no one needs those kind of headaches. Cmptr screens are bad enough!! (hahaha). I do love to read Tech type articles and such - esp those that I save/archive from doing a lot of Google search downloading online - as I´m more a "hands on" kind of repair guy that needs to keep my brain cells refreshed on up to date modern technology seeings I do a lot of electronics type repairs and such - as related to various Home - Automotive & Marine electronics & mechanical type stuff, and the like.
Favorite Quotes
As Forrest Gump would say - "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!"

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Hi Frank, its Angela again. Just finished up with a new school certification and am planning on coming down to the Naples, FL area the 2nd week of October. Let me know if you would like to talk more or possibly meet while I am down there looking for employment and a place to live. :)
Written by BlueEyes630 on 9/12/2014
Hi there. I am surviving. :)
Written by BlueEyes630 on 1/22/2014
Hi Frank, My name is Angela. I have been to a few cities on the gulf side and did enjoy the weather. Last spring I went to the Ponte Vedra area on the east coast. The first few days were perfect but I guess they were going through a bit of a drought. Then it rained and it was horrible. Definitely like a sauna. Ugh. I have done accounting/bookkeeping most of my career. Mainly in the construction industry. I was actually thinking of a career change. I am a little bored with just sitting in an office all day, every day. :) Life is too short. I will do some additional research regarding the gulf coast. I did not realize there was such a difference in the humidity levels. Would like to continue to talk if you dont mind. -Angela
Written by BlueEyes630 on 12/3/2013
Hey outtosea2,I replied on my webpage but it occurred to me that I would probably need to reply on your webpage. Would love to hear more about your area of Florida and what are the advantages of diving and living in the area. Hope to hear back from you. :)
Written by BlueEyes630 on 11/6/2013
Hello! How is it going...yes we are trying to get out more. I have to admit I am hooked on the bugs! Lots of fun. How are you doing? How was Ireland?
Written by Dive Time on 9/29/2012

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A DAY OF RELAXING PIER FISHING AFTER DOING A GREAT EARLY MORNING DIVE. I MADE THIS CUSTOM FISHING CART FOR MY NOW PASSED AWAY GOOD FISHING BUDDY! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT HAD A KITCHEN SINK IN IT TOO? (hahaha....just kidding) WANNA BE MY NEW LTR FISHING BUDDY AS WELL? FYI - I´m in the process of making a smaller custom cart version that I will be selling online hopefully soon! Are you a business-orientated gal as well as a diver and fishing lover? Hope so! A DAY OF RELAXING PIER FISHING AFTER DOING A GREAT EARLY MORNING DIVE. I MADE THIS CUSTOM FISHING CART FOR MY NOW PASSED AWAY GOOD FISHING BUDDY! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT HAD A KITCHEN SINK IN IT TOO? (hahaha....just kidding) WANNA BE MY NEW LTR FISHING BUDDY AS WELL? FYI - I´m in the process of making a smaller custom cart version that I will be selling online hopefully soon! Are you a business-orientated gal as well as a diver and fishing lover? Hope so!
OFFSHORE 40´ LAGOON CAT SAILING/DIVING - I AM AN EXCELLENT OFFSHORE SAILOR & NIGHT WATCH! THERE IS NOTHING FINER THEN A CAT AS FOR BEING OFFSHORE FOR EXTENDED SAIL/DIVE TRIPS. LOTS OF LIVING SPACE ON A BIGGER CAT OR EVEN A TRI - THEY ARE THE BEST SAILING & DIVING PLATFORM EVER - WANNA BE MY SAILING SOULMATE AS WELL? (I just recently returned from a 3 week sail & dive trip offshore in the Bahamas and Dry Tortugas onboard a friend´s 40´ Lagoon CAT similar to the one in this pix. Couldn´t pass up on that free sailing/diving trip! Small price to pay for being an onboard electronics repair tech/consultant if something were to go down electronics wise on the all-electric drive CAT, as I also shared the helm and night watches while in port and underway. No problems there at all. Awesome sailing trip and awesome diving!) OFFSHORE 40´ LAGOON CAT SAILING/DIVING - I AM AN EXCELLENT OFFSHORE SAILOR & NIGHT WATCH! THERE IS NOTHING FINER THEN A CAT AS FOR BEING OFFSHORE FOR EXTENDED SAIL/DIVE TRIPS. LOTS OF LIVING SPACE ON A BIGGER CAT OR EVEN A TRI - THEY ARE THE BEST SAILING & DIVING PLATFORM EVER - WANNA BE MY SAILING SOULMATE AS WELL? (I just recently returned from a 3 week sail & dive trip offshore in the Bahamas and Dry Tortugas onboard a friend´s 40´ Lagoon CAT similar to the one in this pix. Couldn´t pass up on that free sailing/diving trip! Small price to pay for being an onboard electronics repair tech/consultant if something were to go down electronics wise on the "all-electric drive" CAT, as I also shared the helm and night watches while in port and underway. No problems there at all. Awesome sailing trip and awesome diving!)
Tags: sailing

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