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Orrinsjuice - Austin, Texas USA 

About Me:  I am a Commercial Diver and a N.A.U.I. Master Diver.
Favorite Dive Gear
Scuba Pro, Oceanic, Kirby Morgan, Tilos, Mares, Desco
Favorite Dive Locations
The Flower Gardens in the Gulf of Mexico, Mammoth Lake, Blue Hole Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
Workout, Dive, Work Underwater, Travel, Cook, Kayak, Mountain bike, Run.
Working, Traveling, and Food!
Favorite Music
Singer Songwriter, 80´s, 90´s, Rock, Metal, Pop, Oldies and some Country.
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Movies
Seahunt, The Dark Knight, Terminator 2, The Goonies
Favorite Books
Riggers Handbook, US Navy Diving Manual.
Favorite Quotes
"If there is a will there is a way" ~ My Mother
My Dive Bag
kirby morgan KM37 (View product)
Tilos 7/5mm Wetsuit (View product)
Scuba pro Rubber fins (View product)
Oceanic Snorkel (View product)

Orrinsjuice's Dive Slate

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Hello,My name is JOY, a good caring young girl, and i want to have agood relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,you can write on my email so that i will tell youmore about me and give you my pictures (,am yours JOY
Written by joymab on 4/16/2013
kinda interested in doing commercial diving when i get out of the army do u recommend it?
Written by m119diver on 8/3/2012
I am also a commercial diver what school did you go to and what company do you work for?
Written by Darrick Diver on 8/26/2011
Welcome to the Dive Slates! Feel free to let us know if there´s anything we can help with!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 8/13/2011
I won The Scuba.Com Photo Contest Aug 2011! THANK YOU ALL! I have a new Snorkel on the way !
Written by Orrinsjuice on 8/10/2011
Written by Orrinsjuice on 8/10/2011

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My Buds and I on the Shore.
My Buds and I on the Shore.
Fresh out of the water!
Fresh out of the water!

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Beached Man of War Jellyfish!: Galveston, Texas

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whoelsebutbob in Born in Portland, Oregon. Living in Huntington Beach, Ca., USA
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My Buds and I on the Shore. My Buds and I on the Shore.
Tags: friendship
Fresh out of the water! Fresh out of the water!
Tags: beach

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