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Neta - La Jolla USA 

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A fish...
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Red Sea, Catalina Island
Backpacking, diving
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Looking for a dive buddy for this Saturday, 11 Dec 10. You are just down the road from me. Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to go to Thousand Steps in Santa Barbara, but would be open to driving down to La Jolla. The conditions up here are going to be great, and I am really itching to dive! Thanks.
Written by Whisper on 12/9/2010
Hi, that is a nice photo, i like to dive also, if you have a chance come down to the Caribbean and dive with history in Cartagena, Colombia where you can see a spanish fort build against the pirates who attacked it many times and dive on the northen coast of Colombia, see the first city build in America and dive at the foot of the highest mountain in the tropic, let me know when you are coming to show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 3/31/2010
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Reading your post, Did you mean that you dive at Catalina Island of on San Diego? I have been to Catalina island but hever dove there. (I was on a cruse ship) But you have perked my intrest.... Bob
Written by miahdog2 on 3/31/2010
I noticed no-one has writen you any messages... so I´ll be the first. The name is Bob... I live in Mesa AZ. (I know a scuba diver in the middle of the desart!) Actuly there are 3 really large lakes in AZ. Lake Plesant, wich is a fairly large lake. And the best place I have found is diveing the SALT RIVER! The salt river is actuly the over flow out of lake plesant! During the summer its almost a river, and ther meny canyons that fill with a depth of about 35 to 40 feed.Its even better in the winter... less flow and little curent. but the water remains about the same. And when I say winter thats a laugh... AZ Winters are about 70 degrees! Up north gets snow.. the desart gets Flowers! Idots like me just go diveing... Drop me a line when you have a chance!
Written by miahdog2 on 10/9/2009

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