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Mikey N. - San Diego CA USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Hi, I´m Mikey. I am a full time dive instructor in Hawaii. (life is SO rough). I live on Oahu on the south shore. I am also a hardcore surfer, mountain biker and rock climber. My hobby´s are music (I´m an ex pro musician, I played drums in a San Diego band called Rocket From The Crypt {RFTC} we were signed to Interscope and did pretty well) art (painting and photography) and cooking. Mt fave foods are Indian, Mexican, Thai and Chinese. If you´re ever on Oahu look me up and I´ll take you on some amazing dives or teach you to surf!
Favorite Dive Gear
Zeagle regs and BCD´s, Sherwood and TUSA
Favorite Dive Locations
Oahu, Catalina CA, and the Florida Keys are all great, but Fiji was the absolute best!
Teaching Diving, free diving/spearfishing, mtn. biking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding and body surfing at Sandy´s Beach, rock climbing, drumming, shopping and hangin out!
Art, literature, food
Favorite Music
Punk Rock, 80´s music, Johnny Cash, Garage Rock, Patsy Cline,The Dresden Dolls, The yeah yeah yeah´s, WILCO, Bad Religion, Grean Day,really everything but country, rap and prog rock
Favorite TV Shows
battlestar galactica, Shark Week, the history Channel, Travel Channel (especially Anthony Bourdain)True Blood, Entourage
Favorite Movies
It´s a Wonderful Life, Fight Club, The Aviator, Breaking Away, From H@ll, Dances With Wolves, Zach and Miri Make a P@rno, Citizen Kane, He$&boy, Manhunter and Seven
Favorite Books
The Vampire Lestat, The Chronicles of Narnia, all the Harry Potter books, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S, Thompson, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of The Dam^ed, Memnoch the Devil, The Lord of the Rings, The Basketball Diarys, The Killing Joke, Watchmen (graffic novel)
Favorite Quotes
Live fast, die young, leave a good a beautiful corpse. You are not your f-ing kackies, God save the Queen!

Mikey N.'s Dive Slate

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Hey Mikey,My name is Mike, lifelong lead guitarist from Wisconsin. Caught your TUSA review online. I like the History Channel too and appeared on ´´Deep Sea Detectives´´ episode ´´Death by Human Torpedo. I wrote the book, ´´Oil Fire and Fate´´ the show was based on. Keep teaching Open Water newbies like me. I certified in Maui at Maui Diving w/Zack M.
on 10/10/2010

More Photos

Me at Malibu Beach CA.
Me at Malibu Beach CA.
Sandy´s beach, Oahu Hawaii
Sandy´s beach, Oahu Hawaii
This is the View from my Studio Apt in Honolulu... pretty awesome!!!

This is the View from my Studio Apt in Honolulu... pretty awesome!!!
This Beautiful Lagoon is 2 blocks from my apt.
This Beautiful Lagoon is 2 blocks from my apt.
Mandatory Mirror Pic!
Mandatory Mirror Pic!
Rockin on the big island
Rockin on the big island
live, on tour
live, on tour

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Sandy´s beach, Oahu Hawaii Sandy´s beach, Oahu Hawaii
Tags: beach
This Beautiful Lagoon is 2 blocks from my apt. This Beautiful Lagoon is 2 blocks from my apt.
blue water blue water
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