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Mike - Burbank, CA USA 

About Me:  Instructor
Favorite Dive Gear
Favorite Dive Locations
Farnsworth Banks
Obviously I enjoy SCUBA, but I also do my fair share of 4x4ing on desert and moutain trails.
Technology, Electronics
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
The Big Bang Theory,The Office,The IT Crowd,My name is Earl,2.5 Men,Criminal Minds,How I Met Your Mother,Eureka,My Boys,CSI (Miami & Vegas)
Favorite Movies
National Treasure (1 and 2),Sahara
Favorite Books
SCUBA Diver Mag
Favorite Quotes
I am not superstitious, I am a littlestitious

Mike's Dive Slate

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on 10/23/2010
What´s Farnsworth Banks like and how is it best explored?
Written by Candy on 7/8/2009
Wait. Jerm, I think I thought about it too hard. :(
Written by doggiediver937 on 7/1/2009
Agreed. :)
Written by doggiediver937 on 7/1/2009
I think Jerm is onto something here. :)
Written by Scubadorable on 2/28/2009
Mike - it seems that we are all in a losing battle here. Knowing that this will be posted in the recent dive slate comments i have a proposition for all divers. I will give you each one vote in return for one vote from each of you. What do you think? Dont think about it too hard...
Written by Jerm on 1/28/2009
Mike, lets be honest. Your an IT guy and probably have access to all 135 of your coworkers computers. Just not fair. Ha! See ya on the bottom!
Written by Jerm on 1/27/2009
Not sure how you pulled it off, but nice to see some competition going for votes!!! Dive safe!
Written by THREEDFLYER on 12/17/2008

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