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miahdog2 - Mesa, AZ USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I have been doing this Forever... or ot leaset since the filming of "SEA HUNT" Now you know I am as old Dirt.... Ok As Old as MUD!
Favorite Dive Gear
Any thing that holds air!
Favorite Dive Locations
Point State Park... Pittsburg PA. Ohio River... Visability sucks but you can find all kind of crap!(cars-boats-moble homes you know)
Of Course Scuba diveing, Fishing and Camping, that is as long as room service isn´t late!
Warm deep-water! Everything else is just EXTRA!
Favorite Music
The sounds of Silance
Favorite TV Shows
C.S.I. And of course "FLIPPER"
Favorite Movies
Favorite Books
Where the Red Fearns grow
Favorite Quotes
Just hold your breath!

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Hey - I may live relatively close to the ocean, but diving in South Jersey is not exactly why I got into this! I like warm, clear, like you, I have to travel to enjoy my diving. Just back from Turks & Caicos...Awesome!
Written by Keller Diver Diva on 7/13/2009

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