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Martin - Visalia, CA. USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I have been diving relatively few years... four. However, I am currently an SSI DCS and a DAN instructor. Most of my diving has been in cold water, but had a wonderful chance to dive in Bonaire and I can´t wait to go back. I love the water and I feel my best floating freely in it.
Favorite Dive Gear
Scuba Pro anything... Galileo is my more recent find.
Favorite Dive Locations
Bonaire, Catalina, Coronado Islands
Cycling, climbing, running, horseback riding, beer snob.
See above
Favorite Music
Country, Classic Rock, Pop, Classical... the whole gambit.
Favorite TV Shows
Discovery channel Mythbusters, Deadliest catch, History channel.
Favorite Movies
Big Fish, Field of Dreams, Frequency, It´s a Wonderful Life, Star Trek XI
Favorite Books
Submerged, Neutral Buoyancy.
Favorite Quotes
"The sea does not belong to despots. Upon its surface men can still exercise unjust laws, fight, tear one another to pieces, and be carried away with terrestrial horrors. thirty feet below it´s level, their reign ceases, their influence is quenched and their power disappears. Ah! Sir, live - live in the bosom of the waters! There only is independence! There I recognize NO masters! There I am free!"

Martin's Dive Slate

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Hi, I am inviting you to see the first city in America, Santa Marta, at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and the fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, to do some spearfishing, photo, underwater video, wreck diving, etc., let me know the dates of your stay here to set you up and show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 4/4/2010
Thanks for the information and contact info.
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 1/25/2010
Sport Chalet in Brea has a pool and they usually go to Corona Del Mar for a beach dive and also to the dive park in Catalina.Pacific Wilderness in San Pedro has a pool and they go to Corona Del Mar for the Beach dive and they do a boat dive out to Catalina out of Long Beach called Mr. C.
Written by Candy on 1/21/2010
Thanks, I have friends in Fresno (Kerman)who may want to join a dive club. Where do the instructors in your area do the openwater sessions?
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 1/21/2010
A few... is right in Irvine. Any Sports Chalet. Pacific Wilderness in Orange. Scuba World in Orange (just up the street from Pacific Wilderness)
Written by Candy on 1/19/2010
Are there many shops or dive clubs in your area or Central Cal?
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 1/19/2010
I like the Lois Ann. I´ve also heard good things about the Humboldt, although I haven´t been on that one yet.
Written by Candy on 7/8/2009
My name isnt, but it looks like 2 other peoples names are Abbiss. Mine is Springer, like Jerry. LOL :)
Written by Candy on 7/6/2009

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Leaving the Channel Islands...but, I´ll be back soon.

Leaving the Channel Islands...but, I´ll be back soon.: Channel Islands

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Leaving the Channel Islands...but, I´ll be back soon. Leaving the Channel Islands...but, I´ll be back soon.
Tags: awesome, boat

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