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My Status: Became open water certified in Nov of 2010. Became advanced last week April 19/2011. Did a two tank dive in Dos Oyos cave before I was certified.

Maddog - Hampton N.B. Canada Canada 

About Me:  BSc. Geology UNB 84 worked bush camps as an exploration geologist since graduation. Hate camping out. Use to hunt and fish but not any more. See enough wild game at work. Took up diving in Mexico uncertified. Became certified last year. Advanced this year. 19 logged dives counting my open water and advanced courses.
Favorite Dive Gear
Not sure. I have Oceanic stuff but I´m not sure about dive gear.
Favorite Dive Locations
Mexico is the only place I´ve dived before. Costa Rica would be nice. Bonaire would be good. Australia is too far off shore and I´d get sea sick. Cozumel is so close to the reefs so I pick the place where I became certified.
Snowmobiling guitar gardening exploring.
Anything except gossip unless it involves sex.
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
Nova W5 Fifth Estate Two and a half men is the only sit com I´ve watched as I don´t watch TV much.
Favorite Movies
Alien, Terminator, Battle of Brittan, Sparticus, Highlander, Run Away Train.
Favorite Books
The hobbit Playboy...LoL
Favorite Quotes
Some people wait for thier ship to comne in. I swam out to mine.
My Dive Bag
oceanic vt3 (View product)

Maddog's Dive Slate

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In the cave

In the cave: Took this photo of my friend before certification in a cave.

Deep water

Deep water: Dive to 126 feet took photo at 122 feet of VT3 I purchased from you guys.

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My Logbook Contest Entries

Dos Oyos Tulum Akamal area
4/24/2011 9:20:42 AM
Murray Donovan: Took some jungle road to a hole in the ground. Lowered the tanks down on roap. Made sure I could swim without sinking or floating and we did two tanks in Dos Oyos cave. Visited the bat cave a halocline grim reaper green eye. I wasn’t open water cert..

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