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My Status: Just finished booking for Feb in Cozumel again, we were there in June for our 25th wedding ann. will be going back with Groundhog Divers group again:)

lori - Palmerston Canada 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  My Husband and I were certified in 08 and haven´t looked back !! We are really loving the sport and all the great prople we meet along the way!!
Favorite Dive Gear
For Cold water me USIA Techneflex drysuit and my 7mm dry hood and dry gloves!!! Wow does dry work for me in Ontario!! My new Mares carbons are fantastic, very light. My new Puck Air is very good as well a nice trim small pkg.
Favorite Dive Locations
San Andres Columbia, Tobermory Ontario Canada, Wiarton Ontario Canada, Curacao NA, Cozumel Mexico, Jaimaca, Punta Cana
Reading, Traveling and of course Diving
All animals
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
Reality TV or NCIS or CSI
Favorite Movies
Action Adventure
Favorite Books
Romance and Vampire werewolf
Favorite Quotes
Where´s the Water?
My Dive Bag
Mares Carbon Regulator (View product)
Aqua Lung Sport., 3mm Quantum Stretch Jumpsuit / Wetsuit (View product)
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lori's Dive Slate

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Thanks for the Cozumel help. We are staying at an all inclusive with a diuve shop. Doing our advanced the first 3 days. then 8 days of 2 tanks after that. We are staying at the Allegro Cozumel.
Written by intrexgrp on 11/9/2011
We are going ozumel diving over Christmas. Any suggestions as to what to see take etc. Do Us dollars work best or Pesos? thanks for the help.
Written by intrexgrp on 11/7/2011
Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us all on the Slates!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 11/2/2010
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Glad you like them!! Not that cold water wreck diving has the greatest vis. but it was a cool dive!!And maybe a change of pace from the warm water pics!!
Written by lori on 11/2/2010
Hi lori, I see you went to San Andres and Providencia but you have not gone to Cartagena, where a fortress was build against the pirates and Santa marta, the first city in America on the north area of Colombia, places like San Andres to go diving, if you come down let me know ahead of time and I´ll set you´ll up and show around.
Written by costeno on 4/2/2010
Hey Lori,Awesome, I am so glad you enjoyed El Moro. We thought it was great when we were there; you would have a hard time finding it if you did not know it was there. Sounds like the trip was great, pictures look wonderful! We just got back from Bonaire. Next step, getting photos up (lol)
Written by Dive Time on 3/24/2010
Great pix lori, I have got to get mine posted as well. Just curious, did the dive master kill that lion fish you snapped the photo of? The group we were with would kill them on site....not sure I believe that is the right thing.
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 3/22/2010
Hi Lori!It was great! we only had one bad weather day, and we still got to dive, we saw everything from Octopi to Eagle rays and even a seahorse. I am getting pictures together to upload. How was your trip?
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 3/1/2010
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Hey!! We had a great time and just returned today from our 2nd trip to Cozumel.My first trip I did a big boobooo and left my charger and extra batteries at home so not to many pics from me but TJ got some with his!! This trip the dive group went with around 60people over the 2 week period, we went on the second week and only had about 16 and 6 cerified open water while we were there. Both weeks had pretty good weather although they did close the ports last Wed to all boats but we spent the day exploring the island as a nice big group and finished up the dives over the next few days. I did however remember my charger and extra battery the second trip so I´ll postsome pics soon !! Lori
Written by lori on 3/8/2010
Thanks Lori! I hope you have a great time in Coz..thanks for the Curacao info...I am putting it on my list and checking for flights now..and go easy on the Porter and remember to tip him well...LOL
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 2/3/2010
Almost Packed and ready to go !!!!! Batteries are charged and sd cards are empty !!! Now if I could only find my porter TJ were are you !!!LOL
Written by lori on 1/31/2010
Hi Lori, We dove Tormentos reef, saw the cutest hermit crab and some nice size barracuda. Saw a few getting cleaned, which was pretty neat. Drove Plancar, lots of marine life. When you get out of the water I suggest El Moro for dinner. Tell any cab driver the name they will take you there. It looks like a residential area, don´t be alarmed, but the food is AMAZING and it is family owned and operated. Enjoy, can´t wait to see your photos. Happy diving! We leave for Bonaire on March 6, looking forward to warm weather and diving.
Written by Dive Time on 1/30/2010

More Photos


This little guy is the size of your pinkie finger!!

This little guy is the size of your pinkie finger!!
Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors
Me :) Coldwater Diving Tobermory, Ontario Canada.
Me :) Coldwater Diving Tobermory, Ontario Canada.
Steam Tank off old Tug called Alice G
Steam Tank off old Tug called Alice G
Gotta Kiss the Skeleton!!! Cedar Hill Wiarton, Ontario Canada
Gotta Kiss the Skeleton!!! Cedar Hill Wiarton, Ontario Canada
More of the Alice G Tug boat wreck
More of the Alice G Tug boat wreck
Cedar Hill Wiarton Canada, We can usually have some great underwater fun here!!!
Cedar Hill Wiarton Canada, We can usually have some great underwater fun here!!!

Photo Contest Entries

What are you guys doing!!!!!

What are you guys doing!!!!!: Cozumel Mexico ,Night dive

Brilliant color!! brittle stars

Brilliant color!! brittle stars: Palancar Gardens Cozumel

They all want camera time!!

They all want camera time!!: Cozumel Mexico

My favorite subjects ( they don´t move to quick!

My favorite subjects ( they don´t move to quick!: Cozumel Mexico

Arrow crab close up!!!

Arrow crab close up!!!: Cozumel Mexico

Lion Fish Night Dive Cozumel 2010

Lion Fish Night Dive Cozumel 2010: Cozumel Mexico

Small spotted Eel Cozumel 2010

Small spotted Eel Cozumel 2010: Cozumel Mexico

Splendid Toad fish Cozumel Feb 2010

Splendid Toad fish Cozumel Feb 2010: Cozumel Mexico

Electric Blue  Identity?

Electric Blue Identity?: Curacao

Odd Creature

Odd Creature: Curacao

Wacky coral

Wacky coral: Curacao

Flamingo tongue

Flamingo tongue: Curacao

Have no idea if this is a Nudi or a Soft coral or? Just thought it looked kinda cool

Have no idea if this is a Nudi or a Soft coral or? Just thought it looked kinda cool: Curacao

Famingo Tongues (Racing to the top)

Famingo Tongues (Racing to the top): Curacao

Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors: San Andres, Colombia

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Trying to hide! Trying to hide!
My favorite subjects ( they don´t move to quick! My favorite subjects ( they don´t move to quick!
TJ Patriotic Canadians !!! TJ Patriotic Canadians !!!
Banded crab Banded crab

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