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Lor-Ca - I´m fom Ohio...but live in PA now. USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I live in Western PA, but my home-away-from-home is Big Pine Key, FL. No ocean here in WPA! Just me and my ACD, Gracie...the best puppy ever! We spend as much time outside as possible, and she loves to go everywhere with me.
Favorite Dive Gear
My camera! :) And anything pink! Seriously...I love my Force Fins.
Favorite Dive Locations
The´s free! :)
Anything outdoors. I love kayaking, fishing, snorkeling in the shallows, obviously DIVING, agility training with my puppy, biking, hiking, get the idea.
I LOVE photography. I may not be any good...but I still have a blast doing it! My friends and family hate that I´m always taking pictures. Too Bad!
Favorite Music
Everything! I listen to music constantly! I have a 160G iPod that is almost full. That pretty much sums it up! I am a bit of a Parrot Head, though. I also have to give a shout out to Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24...LOVE ´em!And I am a sucker for classical. Everything from jazz to metal.
Favorite TV Shows
Hmmm. I don´t really have a favorite show per se. I watch a lot of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. I do really enjoy the Planet Earth series and Antiques Roadshow. I can be a couch potato after the sun goes down.
Favorite Movies
I have to think about favorite movies. I really tend to gravitate towards scary/suspense movies. I don´t really care for the gory movies, though. more of a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat type. Oh, and Guy Ritchie movies :)
Favorite Books
I love to read. I read everything. I love Tim Dorsey and Tom Corchoran. I am currently reading Piers Anthony´s Incarnations of Imortality series. I dig it! It may be old...but so cool!
Favorite Quotes
I want to live with my feet in Dixie, and my head in the cool blue north.

Lor-Ca's Dive Slate

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Nice photos :), What type of housing do You use for Your camera ? Do You use strobes with it ?
Written by Orca on 6/13/2014
Cheap-0 camera? I´m not sure I´ve ever heard of that manufacturer. Seriously, though, if you were taking those shots with a crummy camera, we all will be looking forward to what your new DC1200 will produce!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 6/25/2010
Were all of your photos taken in the same location? They are pretty cool.
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 6/22/2010
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Yes...all taken at the same place. I don´t get out much! LOL!All of my photos were taken in the Florida Keys.Thanks for the compliment!
Written by Lor-Ca on 6/22/2010
Fantastic pics! Thanks for sharing!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/26/2010
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Thanks, Bob! Unfortunately, these were taken with a cheap-o camera. I can´t wait until my new SeaLife camera gets here! If it comes in time, I´ll be able to post more pictures from my upcoming trip (June 1st) to the Keys! They´ve delayed the release of the camera, and I planned this trip around using it...I´m keeping my fingers crossed!
Written by Lor-Ca on 4/13/2010

More Photos

Big  ol´ grouper
Big ol´ grouper
My little buddy.  Young wild dolphin who played with us for hours!
My little buddy. Young wild dolphin who played with us for hours!

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My little buddy.  Young wild dolphin who played with us for hours! My little buddy. Young wild dolphin who played with us for hours!
Big  ol´ grouper Big ol´ grouper
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