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Lane - Ocala USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Finally certified PADI open water at 52. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis on land but not in the water. Became Nitrox cert on 3/10
Favorite Dive Gear
My faithful Us Divers Mask and fins, Aires BC and Regs
Favorite Dive Locations
Rainbow river is refreshing
Watching tv, Video games (PC PS3 Wii) Ebay sales, Computer development,Auto Mechanix and wood working/carpentry
Gadgets, Smart house, SOHO networks, Building homes/woodworking projects
Favorite Music
Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Gospel, Jimmy Buffet
Favorite TV Shows
Treasure Quest, Cops, border patrol, discovery, science, and history channels.
Favorite Movies
Indiana Jones , Bourne Series
Favorite Books
Holy Bible, PADI Manual,NAUI Manuals, Florida Building Codes
Favorite Quotes
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Lane's Dive Slate

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Joyce, I don´t remember asking for any pictures of you. If you are a scuba diver then post your site. If you are peddling trash pictures then go some where else. I see no one interested in trash here.
Written by Lane on 4/23/2010
Hi, I am 67 years old, disable at my right arm and I still kicking in the water and I love it, if you travel again to go diving outside of the states, take a look at the area where I am living for a while, near the south of the Caribbean sea, diving all year round and visiting some old but beautiful places like Cartagena, a fortress build against the pirates and Santa marta, the first city in America while doing mostly skin diving some scuba on the north area of Colombia, if you come down let me know ahead of time and I´ll set you´ll up and show around.
Written by costeno on 4/2/2010
Congrats! You have some fantastic areas to spend time diving at your fingertips!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/23/2010
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Exploring the caves and caverns takes a lot of patience, and some training to make sure you not only do it right, but come back out to do it again. But, some of the lesser diving in the springs in your area is actually quite fun and interesting. I always skipped lobster season when I live in Fl. Too many knotheads out in the water that don´t really have sense enough to be safe in a shower, let alone the ocean. LOL The rest of the year, though, those same dive spots are pretty amazing to see!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/30/2010
I was born and raised in Florida. Spent some time in the Keys when I was a teenager. Never got certified...always wanted to. Around Ocala there are abundant freshwater springs, caverns and for the thrill seekers there are miles of caves(not me). I am so looking forward to saltwater diving. Did I hear lobster?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/23/2010
Where are you going to take your NAUI courses?
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/2/2010
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With Bill Foote at Ocala Dive Center in Ocala Fl
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/2/2010
I´m a new diver, I will became certified in May and can´t wait to go diving. :-)
Written by Deep Within on 1/8/2010

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My New Aeris regs and BC
My New Aeris regs and BC

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My New Aeris regs and BC My New Aeris regs and BC
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