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Land Locked Pirate - Salt Lake City USA 

About Me:  I am a railroad conductor that has always wanted to dive but never took the time to get certified. I finally did it with the help of the good people at Summit Divers.
Favorite Dive Gear
Atomic, Akona, oceanic
Favorite Dive Locations
So far San Carlos, Sonora Mexico
Diving, Cooking,
Travel when life does not get in the way:)
Favorite Music
most anything if it sounds good.
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Movies
man on fire, the unforgiven
Favorite Books
river god
Favorite Quotes
I won´t be wronged. I won´t be insulted. I won´t be laid a-hand on. I don´t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.-JB Books
My Dive Bag
akona 7mm full wet suit (View product)
tilos mask (View product)
mares raptor split fins (View product)
Atomic z2 regulator (View product)
scuba pro glide pro BC (View product)
oceanic vt 4.1 w/transmitter computer (View product)

Land Locked Pirate's Dive Slate

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Generally speaking a 3mm or a 5mm glove will do the trick. It depends on the person for the most part though. I prefer a 3mm glove pretty much year-around. I´m plenty warm with them and have great dexterity for my camera or other items. I have friends who feel they are going to freeze to death through their hands if they go with anything less than 5mm. It all depends upon the person and their tolerance to cold.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 11/2/2010
Welcome to the Dive Slates!!! Feel free to let us know if there´s anything we can do or answer for you!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 9/22/2010
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Thanks, I am looking to buy a 3mm wetsuit. I would be diving in jamaica in july but also in some local lakes. My question is should I get a shorty or a full suit? Any advice will be welcome.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/10/2011
Thanks, what thickness of glove would you recommend for diving in California at a place like Casino Point on Catalina Island?
Written by Land Locked Pirate on 10/31/2010

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