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KoeanMan - Suwon South Korea 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Interest Man ^^
Favorite Dive Locations
Korea, Guam, Earth ( Every Locations )
Geocaching, Hiking, Traveling
Favorite Music
Wham! sparked something of a pop revival in the mid-´80s and could arguably be held responsible for sparking off the boy band trend of the ´90s. They were unashamedly pop, to the point of padding the front of their trousers for television appearances. At the heart, however, was a string of catchy singalong singles written
Favorite TV Shows
U.S.A. and a foreign drama interesting drama history......and others
Favorite Movies
romance European medievalism SF
Favorite Books
*Ms Mito Orihara,Ms Mayu Shinjo,Ms Chie Shinohara.....and Others

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In Korea
In Korea

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In Guam In Guam
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In Korea In Korea
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