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kat - Montreal Canada 

About Me:  DUTCH SPRINGS!!! i love scuba diving but im only 12 and i hope to scuba dive my whole life! and if anyone has been to dutch springs please talk to me
Favorite Dive Gear
i love putting on my wetsuit i have no idea why!
Favorite Dive Locations
ummm...thats a hard one i love turks and caico´s but i didnt enjoy Jamaica that much.
volleyball, soccer and basketball
steve irwin
Favorite Music
i love all kinds of music
Favorite TV Shows
lost, the office, fringe, the hills, 90210
Favorite Movies
Favorite Books
i dont like to read
Favorite Quotes

kat's Dive Slate

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Hi Kat, it is great that you love diving and I hope you get old doing it like me, I still kicking the water and I love it, I started diving in the keys I used to live in Homestead, if you travel again to go diving outside of the states, take a look at the area where I am living for a while, near the south of the Caribbean sea, diving all year round and visiting some old but beautiful places like Cartagena, a fortress build against the pirates and Santa marta, the first city in America while doing mostly skin diving some scuba on the north area of Colombia, if you come down let me know ahead of time and I´ll set you´ll up and show around.
Written by costeno on 4/1/2010
Can we go out scuba diving?
on 12/5/2009
Very worthwhile goal, Kat, study and work hard towards it. Never give up on your dreams, you can do anything your heart desires. Just grab on to your shootingstar and hang on. Life will be a wonderful, amazing adventure for you in the field of marine biology.
Written by Captain Dann on 10/14/2009
Hi Kat, just wondering if you´re still diving? You have a great goal, keep working towards it.
Written by DiverFelix on 5/28/2009
yes i want to be a marine bioligist and open a place like stuarts cove in the bahamas.
Written by kat on 10/16/2008
that sounds awesome! i love the pic of you diving with the shark.. i went diving with sharks too in thailand.. but they were very shy of me and swam away rather quickly.. i am actually moving to thailand so i can work with all the lovely turtles, sharks and whale sharks .. and study them and educate more people about them.. do you want to go into any marine fields too?
Written by Nikki on 10/15/2008
ummmm no im the only one. in my family. the 1st time i dived i dived alone with a instructor. i got into diving because i love sharks and manatees and turtles and whales and dolphins and all sea animals. i also swam with sharks in jamaica at dolphins cove. it was AMAZING!!
Written by kat on 10/1/2008
hey kat! you´re only 12 and you love to dive? that´s great! i wish i started at your age.. does anyone else in your family dive? how did you get into diving?
Written by Nikki on 9/30/2008
heyyy talk to me bout everything please!!
Written by kat on 7/17/2008

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thats me in the pool getting certifide
thats me in the pool getting certifide
this is me just standing by the ocean in jamaica.
this is me just standing by the ocean in jamaica.

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this is me just standing by the ocean in jamaica. this is me just standing by the ocean in jamaica.
thats me in the pool getting certifide thats me in the pool getting certifide
thats me in jamaica with a nurse shark thats me in jamaica with a nurse shark

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