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K-Hoff - too cold...Ohio USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I just began diving recently and I absolutely love everything about the sport..
Favorite Dive Gear
I´m fond of dive rite bc´s,regs,and computers, pinnacle or body glove suits, and oceanic for everything else.
Favorite Dive Locations
anywhere ranging from the great lakes to australia..
so on and so forth..
trying to become a highly qualified diver, marine life and conservation of said life and those habitats...i also play the drums.
Favorite Music
jazz, classical, country, and rock
Favorite TV Shows
whatever is on basically...but you gotta mix it up every once in a while
Favorite Movies
classic movies from times when I wasn´t alive..I´m fairly easy to please in that category..
Favorite Books
Band of Brothers, Angels and Demons, and basically any book dealing with the sea and it´s power.
Favorite Quotes
.."In every life I guess a little rain must fall"

K-Hoff's Dive Slate

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Hi, I am inviting you to see the first city in America, Santa Marta at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and the fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, let me know the dates of your stay here to set you up and show you around
Written by costeno on 3/31/2010
What part of Ohio you in?
Written by Puxxler on 6/26/2009

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found it.

found it.
yeah...looking into purchasing a camera..

yeah...looking into purchasing a camera..

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unfortunatly, not my own picture.. unfortunatly, not my own picture..
found it. found it.
yeah...looking into purchasing a camera.. yeah...looking into purchasing a camera..

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