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Jeremy - Vancouver, BC Canada Canada 

About Me:  -Divemaster, age 31 -Amateur Photographer (above sea level) -Diesel Mechanic for CP Rail -used to work in the Film Business as a Grip I first had a reg in my mouth at the age of 12 in Lake Simcoe, Ontario. ( All I saw was sand and Perch) I was officially cerified in the Bahammas at 15 and have dove all over the Bahammas and Florida. I dove in Koh Tao,Thailand in 2007 for 4 months and now I live in Vancouver B.C. and I love our cold but EPIC diving.
Favorite Dive Gear
Right now I like my Atomic Aquatics M1 and B2 regs. UK HID Light Cannon. And my Brand New Oceaner Drysuit
Favorite Dive Locations
Pacific Northwest-Just Incredible, cold yes but they make great gear for that. Koh Tao, Thailand-more for the whale sharks, turtles and Island Life, super aggressive trigger fish, scorpion fish, lion fish, pipe fish. My friend has video of me with 14 foot whale shark and being chased for 3 minutes and 5oo metres by a huge trigger,...insane, took a piece of my fin. Bahamas- Wicked clear and Beautiful.- I´ve got cool video of me with Dolphins and of me feeding sharks with pieces of hog fish at the end of a Haiwaian sling
-Diving Obviously -Photography- Another expensive hobby I love. I shoot a Nikon D200 with few different lenses and lots of toys. -Anything Nature -Anything Party
Getting into Technical Diving and maybe re-breather technology if I win the lottery.
Favorite Music
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MSTRKRFT, Franz Ferdinand, Metric, Esthero....
Favorite TV Shows
Breaking Bad (awesome good),House, Sea Hunters, Go Deep, most Discovery/History and National Geographic Programming, Family Guy,...
Favorite Movies
Vanilla Sky, Magnolia, Delicatesen, City of Lost Children,Unforgiven, Gran Torino,Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Usual Suspects, Slumdog Millionaire,... A NEVER ENDING LIST.
Favorite Books
The Last Dive, Heart of Darkness, Robert Ludlum novels, Salmon Rushdie Novels
Favorite Quotes
" Two Wrongs are only the beginning," " Trust Everybody,... then cut the cards." " A SHIP IN THE HARBOUR IS SAFE,... BUT THATS NOT WHAT SHIPS ARE BUILT FOR."

Jeremy's Dive Slate

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hey man, im 21 and just getting in to diving, and am trying to find a buddie, i am told its frowned upon to dive alone, so if you know of any clubs or people, or yourself that want to dive, drop me a line at I live in mission and will be done my open water next week, im a drywall taper :) in case you were wondering about my questionable addres.
on 10/21/2009
Thank you, I don´t think they are poisonous, but they have strong teeth. This guy was so cool, his eyes were so blue and he was pretty content to stay while I took his photo. Love the whale shark!! Can´t wait to see one myself.
Written by Dive Time on 3/27/2009
yeah man when your in the area call (250) 857-7685 it`s my cell phone play safe
Written by wcd143 on 3/27/2009
AWESOME whale shark pic`s. Have you done any dives off of victoria??? My name is mark I dive out of ogden point. I am an assistant instructor bring a buddy
Written by wcd143 on 3/26/2009

More Photos

Me with Whale Shark, one of the top highlights of my life.

Me with Whale Shark, one of the top highlights of my life.
Same Whale shark, ´ stoooopid bubbles, dammit

Same Whale shark, ´ stoooopid bubbles, dammit
Cruel but funny

Cruel but funny
In Laos.
In Laos.
Cruel but even funnier

Cruel but even funnier
This is me in Koh Tao at 6 am. My other diving buddies find me on their way to dive. Passed...
This is me in Koh Tao at 6 am. My other diving buddies find me on their way to dive. Passed...
In Thailand Carrying way too much stuff
In Thailand Carrying way too much stuff

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Small Puffer Fish, Koh Tao-Thailand Small Puffer Fish, Koh Tao-Thailand
Same Whale shark, ´ stoooopid bubbles, dammit Same Whale shark, ´ stoooopid bubbles, dammit
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