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JeffW - Everglades, FL USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I got ow certified in 1976 with NASDS. Am approching retirement from a government job and have started upgrading my certs. Just finished Stress and rescue, Search and Recovery, and Nitrox with SSI.
Favorite Dive Gear
i currently own sub-gear bcd, regulator, computer scubapro fins and henderson wet suit.
Favorite Dive Locations
Warm, clear, water. I love the tropics.
Anything outdoors, especially in or on the water.
Navavl history, went to the Naval museum in Madrid...very nice. Marine biology, sailing.
Favorite Music
Rock rules! I also like country, jazz, and other things that pike my interest.

JeffW's Dive Slate

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Judging from your dive map, it looks like you´ve been a place or two. Any pics to share with us all?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 12/17/2010
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After all these years I never got a camera. I´ll have to rectify that one day.
Written by JeffW on 12/17/2010
Thank you for accepting my dive buddy request! Where do you live? Where do you dive. Your profile is very limited.
Written by The Oceaneer on 4/11/2010
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I appoligize for taking so long to reply but it has been hectic for me here. I live near Alexandria LA and dive in Toledo Bend a lot. I just returned from a cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel. I took advantage of the dive opportunity in Cozumel and had great dives on Palancar and Paradise reefs.
Written by JeffW on 12/15/2010
Hey! Thanks for the request. I am temporarily living in Louisiana and the diving here is limited. The flower gardens out in the gulf and some fresh water stuff. I am from Florida and I go there a couple of times a year to dive, usually in the keys.
Written by JeffW on 4/12/2010

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