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My Status: Needing a cheap dive!!

JC - Missouri USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  34 years old, police officer, dove for the first time on my honeymoon in 1998 and finally after 10 years and two kids later had enough money to go again. I have since decided to get open water certified. Now I spend my time trying to figure out how afford my next dive.
Favorite Dive Gear
Hmmm, I bought a complete Ocean Pro set and that is all I have ever used, so I guess it´s my favorite lol.
Favorite Dive Locations
Cancun, but heading to Hawaii shortly and have a feeling it will take it´s place lol. Also been to Panama City, Destin, and heading to Cozumel soon.
duh...scuba diving?
shooting, camping, motorcycles, 4 wheeling, fishing, just about anything outdoors.
Favorite Music
oldies, anything I can actually understand the words long as the words aren´t hateful or crying about how he lost his wife, dog, car, house, etc. etc.
Favorite TV Shows
Cheers, Frasier, Simpsons, Venture Brothers, Family Guy, you know, the good stuff
Favorite Movies
I like most movies that don´t hinge their entire box office income on showing some skinny, white chick´s nipples...don´t get me wrong, I like that, I just want an actual plot to the movie and not just violence and sex.
Favorite Books
Most recently was "The Last Lecture"
Favorite Quotes
"Give me that fillet-0-fish, give me that fish"

JC's Dive Slate

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So, how were the dives??? Get a chance to take a camera with you, by chance?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 7/23/2010
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Lots of pics (tons of turtles) from Hawaii, but then lost it in Florida lol. Had an absolute blast both places, heading to Cozumel in December for 11 dives in 7 days!! Can´t wait..
Written by JC on 8/2/2010
So, it´s been a couple more years since your last visit to your Dive Slate. Figure out how to afford some more dives yet?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/3/2010
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Yep, I went to Panama Beach last year, and leave for Hawaii in June and then Destin Florida in July. I CAN´T WAIT!!
Written by JC on 4/3/2010

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looks small but he was actually almost nine feet.  Got as close as I could lol looks small but he was actually almost nine feet. Got as close as I could lol

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