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IRISH MAFIA - Shreveport Louisiana USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I have always wanted to get Dive Qual´ed but for one reason or another I always out it off. IN Jul 08 My wife and I decided to go to Belize for a long and much needed vacation, so I finally had a reason to get trained up. I could not believe what I had been missing all these years.I am married to a very understanding wife since 2000. We have a beautiful daughter who is 7 and a wrecking ball of a son who is 2.When I am not diving I work for a police department in the public relations shop as a civilian and try and catch every LSU and Steeler football game. Love football and diving (is there a way to combine the two) and have played fantasy football for the past 15 years. Currently in the Air Force Reserve stationed at Barksdale AFB.
Favorite Dive Gear
Anything which will allow me to escape the confines of land lubbers and relish in the beauty of the deep.
Favorite Dive Locations
Belize. As they say down there the diving is Un-Belize-able. Blue hole is amazing.
Diving, of Course, Family time, near water and Football college Geaux Tigers and Steeler Nation. If you have never tried Fantasy football, do it now and I´ll help you anyway possible.
Favorite TV Shows
The Shield, Hated to see it go. Burn Notice, Anything on the History, Military, Discovering or NFL Channels.
Favorite Movies
The Taken, The Searchers, Quiet Man, and McClintock.
Favorite Books
Lone Survivor about a SEAL Team in Afghanstan, and Tom Clancy.

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would you like to do some spear fishing I am in the same line of work I have boat and camp
on 10/14/2010
Since graduating from commercial dive school, I have enjoyed a variety of job duties including construction, ship husbandry, search and recovery, cleaning and inspecting municipal water systems and diving in contaminated water (raw sewage). No, I didn´t enjoy that part! Anyhow, this economy has severely kicked this as any other industry in the butt, though I am optimistic about the future. From what I hear I am not alone!
Written by The Oceaneer on 4/11/2010
Thank you for accepting my dive buddy request. As a commercial diver I am hoping to find work in the south here soon. I see you´re not a Vikings fan, but since you dive and dig John Wayne I figure you can´t be all bad! LOL. Welcome aboard, maybe we can connect and do some fun dives soon!
Written by The Oceaneer on 4/9/2010
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Hey guy been busy with Military and some how got roped into ´´helping´´ coach my daughters machine pitched softball league.What kid of ommercial diving do u do?Have thought about changing careers to attend commercial diving school, but not sure the wife is down for that.Any hints, for me?Sorry not a vikes fan. Steelers baby. Though I did enjoy watching the Aints actually become the Saints this past year, would not turn the steelers game off to watch them but hey baby steps, right.I have only been living in Louisiana for over 30 years so maybe in another 80 I could actually start to root for them. That should coinside with their next super bowl appearence.
Written by IRISH MAFIA on 4/11/2010

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