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Graham - Aldgate Australia 

About Me:  Born, getting older, done stuff - some I´ll talk about, some I won´t.
Favorite Dive Gear
Anything that works reliably.
Favorite Dive Locations
Anywhere warm.
Living. Archaeology, writing. Look out for my Christmas book, ´Boracic Lint´ on Lulu.
Anything to do with water, except drinking the stuff.
Favorite Music
Depends on my mood, where I am and who I´m with.
Favorite TV Shows
Time Team. But when I was a kid it had to be ´Sea Hunt´, Lloyd Bridges. Hands up if you remember it.
Favorite Movies
Love stories, Arthouse, French films -Jean de Florette as an example. Nothing by Rolf de Heere. Can´t stand pretentious wank, or cheap half-arse productions typical of so much that has come out of this country for years.
Favorite Books
Gulliver´s Travels Robinson Crusoe. If it´s well written, engaging and not about me, me, me, then I´ll give it a go.
Favorite Quotes
1 Life has a way of making things happen. 2 It may be OK to trample a man if you´re running for your life, but it would be the mark of a truly civilised human being if he could say sorry while he was about it. Sean (two navels) O´Meara, gored during the 1978 Pamplona Bull Run, of his brother Fingal (the bas*ard), who wasn´t.

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sorry, an addendum..Boracic Lint! But yes, I´m very interested. Really. I did a google search as I freely admit the term was new to me, but I am very interested in your results. Aside from my medical background (I´m a recently retired general and vascular surgeon), I have a very great interest in the history of medicine, as well as history in general. So please keep me posted...perhaps you could recommend a reading list for me? I´m always on the lookout for some interesting non-fiction books. Thanks. Mary
Written by Senescent on 11/17/2008
Hi, Graham. Guess I´m a bit slow on the uptake, but you know how insular Americans can be...yes, after some thought, I realized WA meant Western Australia, not Washington State. Still my atlas doesn´t show loss, I´m sure. No, we don´t have salties here, but we do have the giant pacific octopus! Hope you get home soon to do some diving. ´´Boracic Lint´´?
Written by Senescent on 11/17/2008
Okay, I live and dive in Washington State....but where do you find Cossack? T´is not in my Atlas. Perhaps you meant another place? BTW, I raise my hand...yes I remember ´´Sea Hunt´´, but that was in my childhood and clearly not applicable now. Nevertheless, we have some really great diving here in the Pacific Northwest, albeit cold. Cheers, Mary.
Written by Senescent on 11/15/2008
It´s fixed.
Written by Graham on 11/4/2008
OK, why won´t my ´favourite books´ page use upper case letters?
Written by Graham on 11/1/2008

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Cossack, WA.  It now has salties among its marine life.
Cossack, WA. It now has salties among its marine life.
Needs nothing from me.
Needs nothing from me.

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Above Blowhole Beach - it´s worth finding. Above Blowhole Beach - it´s worth finding.
Needs nothing from me. Needs nothing from me.
Cossack, WA.  It now has salties among its marine life. Cossack, WA. It now has salties among its marine life.

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