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Doll - Pipe, WI USA 

About Me:  Hey im Ryan... i love the water and havin fun
Favorite Dive Gear
My knife and spare air
Favorite Dive Locations
Dominican Republic, Red Granite, ext
beer pong, diving, DJ´ing, partying, swimming, driving my car, music
beer pong, diving, DJ´ing, partying, swimming, driving my car, music
Favorite Music
techno, rap, rock, punk rock, hip-hop, dance
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Movies
anything funny, scary, or full of action
Favorite Books
White Out
Favorite Quotes
"The best of intentions are fraud with disappointment" "O, I thought you broke something" "O yes, very nice, big success" "Bang bang, skeet skeet niga" "Do you like baja?" “Work like you don’t need money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no ones watching." "I want lunch" "I am sooo excited!" "Oh Baby!!" "those are some highly defined dots" "yur face looks like an icecream cone" "this is so stupid" "jerk face" "is a peacock a guy turkey?" "o yeah, penguins swim" "i just got bit by an ember" "we´re not students...we are seniors" "i will #9 you" "STFU" "what?" "idc anymore" "don´t expect anything then when u get let down it doesn´t hurt.." "i´m on crack yo!" "do u guys have ice cream?" " i want a wooot beeerrrr!" "yipe!" " plz dont grab the burning chicken" "r u choking on carpet?" (megan and i driving) megan: what is it called again?... o yeah a car. "i like dirty sexy money" "these pickles taste like hotdogs"

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me DJ´in
me DJ´in
me in the Dominican
me in the Dominican

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my ride my ride
me in the Dominican me in the Dominican
me DJ´in me DJ´in

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